Help?? vauxhall vectra causing me a drama

6 Dec 2016
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southend on sea
United Kingdom
okay so i have an automatic vauxhall vectra
Engine size/Type 2.2 design
Year 2007
Mileage 63000

On Sunday we went into London from southend (45 minute drive) the car seemed really judderey and when running idle it felt as if it would stall, anyway after about 20 minutes this went away and we made it to where we was going. I then drove back and dint have any problems, yesterday the car drove fine all day no sign of any problems. My husband then drove the car in the evening and it did the same thing again! I got up today and dropped the kids to school in it, the whole time the car was vibrating when idle and there was a strong smell of petrol I made it to my daughters nursery and in the 5 minute journey my fuel went from 1/3 of a tank to nothing! There was fumes and a strong smell of petrol. I parked the car (very poorly!) and left it there I have a fault code reader which came up with 2 codes p0303 and p0136. I have researched into both and the 1st is cylinder 3 misfire, and the second is o2 sensor.
after a very long morning on google I have a feeling the fuel injector is blocked open which has flooded the spark plug which would then make the o2 sensor read lean? can anyone shed some light on if this could be the case or weather i am well out! with christmas round the corner i would rather know what it could be and ideas of prices before putting it into a garage. My brother has a wide knowledge of cars but isn't around until the weekend I'm so impatient.
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Well, it's either an injector fault ( these fail safe shut) or more likely the coil pack......failure of this would give exactly the same symptoms as you are getting, including the same fault codes.
John :)
ahh lovely thank you! I did look into coil packs too but couldn't find as much info on them. I've only been driving 5 months and had 2 cars break down on me!! think I'm destined not to drive haha!
thanks again
You're shouldn't take long for a garage to test the fuel injectors - basically a resistance of around 16 ohms isn't far off. After that, the coil pack is a likely suspect.
Hope you get it sorted without too much grief!
John :)
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Luckily my brother has all the tools and knowledge to sort problems like this, I have spoke to him tonight and he is coming Thursday with his stuff and going to have a proper look. Hopefully be able to fix it over the weekend! I went out tonight because he wanted to know the revs it was sitting at, it stalled twice and revs sat at 500 dropping even lower till i gave it a rev :( I literally had to floor it to get the revs up even then it was shakey and stank of petrol, strangely though the smell of petrol was stronger in the car than out? I have had some trouble tracking down fuel injectors (if that is whats wrong) would it be a universal part i need rather than one specifically for my car? I have found the coil pack and the spark plugs.
Usually I get what I need from a motor factors, quoting the reg number.....mind you they are usually French or German in my case.
However if you have problems consider a firm called Autovaux, who advertise widely in the motoring magazines. An injector will be specific for your car, and your brother will know of them.
Please don't go buying bits on chance though - go for a definite diagnosis first!
John :)
Thank you. oh yes I'm not planning on buying anything yet, i wanted to check the prices of all the parts so i know, worse case, how much it will set me back. Thank you again i will take note of the places you have said and look into them at the weekend :) i will post back when we know what it is :)
Had the car apart today, definatly the fuel injector totally broke. Spark plug had been flooded with fuel! Lucky it's a easy fix it's just finding the part I need! Thank again for you help :D will definatly come back here if it goes wrong again :)
Thanks for the update Gemma - do come back when the car is cured and let us know what was finally done.
John :)
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