Hidden USB charger - looking for inspiration / ideas

3 Sep 2013
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United Kingdom
I've made myself a very nice in wall iPad holder.

This is for the wall in the bedroom - the wall is plasterboard bonded to the breeze block so there is only a small (like 1cm) gap between the plasterboard and the breeze block.

I'd like to fit a USB socket into it somehow and feed the usb cable down the inside of the wall and attach to the back of a double wall socket. that way I have no cables sticking out into the room.

The question is - is there a way I can connect a female usb socket directly to the mains cables?
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I imagine you'd be best off spurring from the socket and having a new socket behind the ipad. You can get sockets with integrated USB ports.
Is it easy to knock out a section of breeze block - I hadn't really thought of that. I was looking for some mega thin solution I could hide in the wall.

I could just knock out a hole in the breeze block though and stick a socket in.

A hammer and chisel will make short work of breezeblock! Just make sure the socket you're pulling from is directly below, and not off at 45 degrees :)
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I have one of those double sockets with USB slots built in - but for this project I really wanted to hide all the cables behind the wall.
So why can't you do that if you fit one of those USB outlets behind the iPad?
So, provide a USB socket (see my link) next to you patented holder. Run 2.5mm² cables down behind your plasterboard to the existing socket and connect up as a spur, branch or as part of a ring final.


Swop your existing socket for one with a USB port (or use a USB charger), get a USB extension cable, and run that behind your plasterboard.
I can - and that's the way I'll go I think.

I was just been lazy I guess and trying to find something that can fit in the wall without needing to cut any holes.

So far I've only had to cut a square in the plasterboard.

I'll get my chisel.....

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