Hikvision DS-7204 HFI ST Network Issue

21 Oct 2012
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United Kingdom
I have installed a Hikvision DS-7204 HFI ST DVR with 2TB HDD, I have 4 Qvis CCTV cameras wired back to the unit and all works well.

I have connected the DVR via Ethernet cable to the wireless router in the same room, I am now trying to connect up so I can remote view on my Ipad (Hikvision App installed).

I have tried giving the DVR a static IP address and also a Dynamic one. When I type the address into IE it brings up the DVR login page, but when I enter the username and password and default port: 8000, I get a box opening with the message "Connect Server Failure" and I can't complete the last stage.

Any ideas please
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Have you tried giving it a static IP and then typing it into IE with port into address bar?

Such as-


In other words can you access device locally correctly?
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Your DVR likely uses two ports/protocols. One to view in a web browser (http://192.168.x.x), and another for the app software. The app software will requires the IP and the port set to 8000 for the DVR. Looking online, that DVR uses the standard port 80 for HTTP web view, and port 8000 for the software.

Once you get it working using the internal 192.168 type IP address, you can then look to port forward your WAN IP or Dynamic DNS name to your internal IP (which should be set to static, and reserved in your router).

In IE, you may need to accept an active-x popup for the IE based view to work.
Thanks for the replies, I can type the IP address into I.E. at it brings up the Hikvision Login page, so the IP address is ok and I am getting to the login stage. I have installed active x as asked for.
The problem is I can't log in, when I put the default details in, username - admin. Password - 12345. Port - 8000 and click on Login, I get the message "connect server failure", so can't get into the settings
Does it ask for a port? It shouldn't be 8000 - that's for the app.

Screen shot of the login page? Press CTRL & PrtSc (usually near the Del key), then use MS Paint, pasting the screen shot there, save it, post it here :) (teaching you to suck eggs perhaps!).
Thanks for your replies I can get as far as this but when I enter the default login I get the error message

Have you tried the app directly on your ipad? Using the internal IP and port 8000? Try that and see if you have success.

What error message comes up when you log in - Screen shot that? Using admin, 12345?

What if you setup a new user with a new username and password, and assign all rights to it - Can you then log in with that account?
When you're trying to access the DVR are you are connected to the network is the network the same as the one the DVR is connected to or not?

If you're accessing it from a separate network, then the IP address you're typing in will be the one of that network. To access your DVR externally, you'll probably need a combination of your public IP address, private IP address of the device and the port number so you can get through the routers firewall.

Edit: Have you actually enabled the port on on the router? Go into the routers settings to check. Port forwarding? Tried that? Just throwing suggestions here what I'd be looking over
None of that really makes sense Josh - We are dealing purley internally at the moment on the internal LAN, and ignoring the other side of the firewall/NAT at the moment.

The DVR login page is displayed, so we know that the PC is able to access the DVR via the internal IP, and it looks to be a DVR settings issue preventing access to the embedded web interface.
Gents, thank you very much for the replies, I knew it was something simple.

I went back to the beginning and started again, when I went into the DVR Network settings the ports were set to 2000 and 80 instead of 8000 and 80.

I'm sure I didn't change it, anyway I can now get further than the remote login screen, now to get the app on my ipad working
All done now, the port forwarding proved to be a bit of a pain (I'm not super techy) but the BT Hub 2701HGV-C isn't very user friendly.

Hikvision app installed on iPad and working like a good un.

Many thanks for all your help
Have you got a static IP from your ISP, or have you setup a dynamic host?

I'm pretty new to all this networking malarkey, and now my public ip address has changed.

I am looking to set up dynamic DNS rather than paying for a static ip address.

I will let you know how I get on (I may need some more help / advice)

Many thanks for all your other help

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