Hisence induction hob sitting proud of worktop - is this normal?

25 Apr 2022
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United Kingdom
Hello, we are renovating our kitchen and have installed (or rather, are installing) an induction hob (Hisence I6433C). We are really happy with the size of the hole we cut - the appliance fits snug, however the hob has a metal frame underneath (I've lifted the hob in one image to show you this) which rests on the worktop, meaning the hob itself sits about 5mm proud of the surface. We were provided with a spongy adhesive strip to put around the edging - but this is maybe 1.5-2mm thick so I'm not sure what purpose it will serve.

Have we done something wrong? My husband says this is intentional, but is now considering building a frame underneath to bring the hob down slightly (I just feel like this is too much work).

If it helps, we have a compact laminate worktop. I've attached some images.


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So, what's the purpose of the metal frame underneath? Should it be the glass that sits on top of the worktop?
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I want the hob slightly lower to work top so any spills are retained on the cooker and don't make anything on work top wet, but to do that one needs a machine to make a lip that it fits in. I have a stand alone induction hob which sits on the work top, worked well in last house, but any spills went on work top, so whole idea of having it built in is that it is slightly below work top, other wise may as well be portable.
This was absolutely not included in our instruction manual, thanks! Think this is achievable with our 12.5mm worktop? We have returned the rented router now so not even sure how we'd do that.
only trouble i see regarding have a routered lip all round that the top sits in such that it is flush is what if the hob goes wrong and you cant get another one the same or with the same mounting system. i thought most hobs just sat with the glass top proud of the worktop usually on a bead os silicone/foam gasket
Well this is the thing, I don't really care about it sitting flush but I also don't want it to be hovering half a centimeter above the worktop! Seems unsafe and unhygienic.
as it isnt fixed in I would take it out and measure the size of the "gubbins" underneath to work out the minimum i need to get it sitting flat all round on the glass

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