Hive on Worcester Greenstar Heatslave 18/25

27 Sep 2020
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United Kingdom
Help! I am swapping out a boss therm thermostat for a hive on my Worcester Greenstar Heatslave 18/25. I have wired it all up, everything is talking to each other, the boiler is set to “on” for heating and water, the boiler is working for hot water but it just won’t come on for heating! Any ideas? Wiring pictures attached plus the picture we used to help us do the wiring.


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Your hive and boiler need permanent live and neutral. The blue wire might be a neutral (from your boiler), the common needs to be a live wire. How was it wired Before? Is it a combi boiler?
Thanks, we assumed the blue wire going into common was a live wire from the boiler, how can we check?

the boss therm had a loop wire from L to LX, not sure if that means anything??
Yes the L to lx is live to common, so you would need to do the same on your hive. Only way you could check is by confirming at the boiler or test equipment.
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The cable from the boiler had two wires, blue went into 1 (common) and brown went into 3??
So if we add an extra cable in from L to 1 (common) would that work? As per attached?


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Yes Kate, it should, but just to confirm, remove the brown and blue from common and 3, and see if the boiler stays on, obviously turning the power off at the fused spur first, then back on and see if boiler stays on.
Ok, thanks. Kids just going to bed, once asleep I’ll turn the power off. I’ve just found this pic elsewhere, have I got the brown and blue wires the wrong way round?


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It’s possible yes, which colour went to L1, or Lx on the boss receiver?

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