Hive Wiring. Replace Climote with Hive system.

2 Apr 2024
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Hi, I am replacing my Climote controller with Hive.. Attached is current set up for Climate but I am having difficulty with my wiring transfer. Appreciate any advice. I have bought a dual and singular controller and have power into both. Thank you


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On your existing controller, It appears as if all the grey wires - connected to common terminals 1, 2 and 5 - all join together into the L terminal.
Can you confirm this is the case?

An does your controller provide any cooling functions?

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Thanks. Request sent.

Yes, Comm1, 2 and 5 are wired back to L.

I have 2 heating zones and hot water zone only. No cooling.
Then, assuming as you say, both Hives have power and the single channel Hive will go with the bedroom zone...

For the Single Channel Hive:
Add a short link wire between L and terminal 1 (Common)
Move brown wire in Climote terminal 6 (Bed NO) to Hive terminal 3 (Heating ON (NO))

For the Dual Channel Hive:
Move brown wire in Climote terminal 3 (Living N/O) to Hive terminal 4 (Heating On (NO))
Climote terminal 4 (Water N/O) to Hive terminal 3 (Hot Water On (NO))
Climote terminal 7 (Water N/C) to Hive terminal 1 (Hot Water Off (NC))
No extra link wires are required.
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