Honda bonnet cable.

13 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi all, have a 1994 Honda Accord Aerodeck 2.1 Estate. The problem is that the pull cable to release the bonnet has come off at the pull end, I don't think it is snapped, so can anyone tell me the best way to get to it to put it back in the puller handle. Thanks for your time.
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I would imagine that there's a bit of the pull handle snapped off, thus releasing the least you should be able to pop the bonnet by pulling the inner cable with pliers.
Can you remove the pull handle for a closer look?
John :)
Hi Burnerman, had another look at handle and pulling the handle right back hard it opened the bonnet lol, so handle is fine and it seems as if the cable has stretched because the bonnet will not close now lol!!! So is it a case of slackening off the cable , pull tight and retighten?? By the way it has had a new catch fitted some months ago. Thanks again!!
This is a typical scenario of a sticky bonnet catch mate.....I would recommend you give it a good soaking with WD40 or similar, followed by a good dose of oil.....make sure the springs on the catch allow movement as they are supposed to.
Often bonnet cables aren't adjustable and rely on free movement to keep them happy.
Its best to keep the bonnet open until you're sure it will release again.....usually having someone press the bonnet down as you pull the catch gets you in.
John :)
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