13 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi all, have a Honda Accord Aerodeck 2.2 1994 M Reg. The clutch pedal seems a bit floppy, in other words had to travel before any resistance, over the last few days and now its worse although I can change gear ok.
It seems a bit like when your brake fluid has got very low, I was wondering is the clutch on a Honda operated similar to brakes ie:- fluid or is it cable. Thanks for your time.
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I would imagine Honda and Toyota go hand in hand on the technology front, and I don't know Honda, just Toyota.

So I imagine that Honda use a hydraulic clutch, as Toyota do, so I would imagine that what you describe is loss of hydraulic fluid, aka the loss of brakes, as you describe, so look upon the clutch as you view the brakes..A master, then a secondary servo.

So an airlock? A leak? A seal failure? Do Hondas use that twin clutch design? I know they are normally reliable. Check for leaks? Good luck!
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