Fiesta 1.4 Tdci 04 reg Clutch Operating Concern

8 Apr 2011
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United Kingdom
I have a 2004 Fiesta Tdci that has gone very well for 60,000 miles. Recently I experienced a concern when operating the clutch-but only intermittently. When pressing the pedal a crack is heard as if the cable has snapped. However as it is an hydraulic clutch this cannot be. The pedal goes straight to the floorboards but when you take your foot off the pedal the pedal recovers and allows the pedal to be depressed again-this time the clutch works normally. It happens about once a week-sometimes when moving off from rest, sometimes when changing gear. There is no fluid loss, the level in the reservoir does not go down -and the clutch has never been replaced. My local servicing garage and I are at a loss to determine the cause- we fitted a small clip last time to the operating arm where it goes into the master cylinder-in theory it cannot happen but it does-HELP?
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Bit of a puzzler that one. The connection from the clutch pedal to the master cylinder seems to be a simple rod attached to the pedal. Have a look at this, is there any way it could be poping off, any nuts missing etc?
The only time I've seen anything vaguely similar was when I had a clutch diaphragm spring break but this caused the pedal to go to the floor and stay there. Don't think this is your problem though as your pedal recovers.
If you get it fixed let us know what it was.
The horrible thought that creeps into my mind is the some of the fingers have broken off the pressure plate and the thrust bearing is sometimes going right through.

When Fords used an automatic cable adjusting mechanism, this was indeed very common.
However, this can't be the case in your car, so I'd be looking very carefully at a fractured pedal box....the bracketry fixed to the bulkhead that the clutch and brake pedal are housed in.
John :)
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I have had this fault before, it was a while ago and I can't remember exactly what it was, but it was either the linkage from the top of the pedal to the master cyl, or the part of the master that connects to the linkage, I seem to think I had to change the master cyl, but i'm not a 100% on that.

How I found the fault was to get someone else to press the pedal with there right foot(sort of sitting on the handbrake) while i was upside down with my head in the foot well looking at the top of the pedal, and got him to repeatedly press the pedal until it sank to the floor, with him holding the pedal down, then i could see what the fault was, with the pedal up it pop's back into place and you can't see anything at fault.

The best of luck.
:D Think I may have found a solution. Recently the clutch pedal went straight to the floor and would not recover when I took my foot off the pedal. Investigation revealed that the pedal has a small round bar welded to it that locates in a "plastic" push rod that seems attached to the master cylinder. It had pulled out of this small round bar which slid alongside the push rod but did not actuate the clutch.
It was relatively easy to push the plastic push rod back on to the round bar and the clutch worked perfectly.
However further investigation revealed that every time the pedal was moved resulted in the push rod moving towards the end of the small rod. Use of a loosely fitting plastic cable tie constrained this sideways movement and has so far worked OK for two weeks -fingers crossed!!!.
Thank you for all your advice