1998 fiesta 1.3

15 Sep 2007
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West Glamorgan
United Kingdom
Hi Guys, great site here, Hopefully someone can give me some advice, I have a 1998 fiesta 1.3, i believe the clutch has gone, there is no spring in the clutch pedal (it stays on the floor) the brake/clutch fluid reservoir is empty, still nothing when topped up. Its a hydraulic clutch and there doesn't appear to be any evidence of a fluid leak, i've spoken briefly to a few people who have mentioned it could be a valve or the master cylinder. anyone got any advice on what i can do / look for to check the valve. I haven't worked on a car for a few years , but am not afraid to get stuck in and cant afford the garage at the moment. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Very unlikely the clutch is the problem, find the leak,there must be one somewhere, the leak is the problem.
If the reservoir is empty and no pedal, my money is on the slave cylinder on the gearbox
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