Chrysler Voyager Clutch problem

30 Aug 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi there....

My car broke down yesterday with sudden clutch failure and had to be recovered back home. The symptoms were the clutch pedal went to the floor when i changed gear (in traffic) and stayed down...I managed to limp to the side of the road and await breakdown service. I managed to pull the pedal up with my hand but it was now very light to operate pressure behind it really, and it also made a noise when i depressed it. I noticed a burning smell at the time but prior to the failure there was no clutch slipping at all. The clutch is hydraulic. Given the symptoms is it likely to be a hydraulic fault in either master cylinder or slave (or both) or worn clutch ( or both !!) The car has done 180,000 miles so I think it cud be due for a clutch replacement, possibly including hydraulics as well.

I think this could be an expensive job...maybe £500+ for the clutch parts and god nows what for the hydraulics and labour charge...... I'm not sure the car is worth it so this could be terminal.

Any thoughts ??
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Sounds like the plate has gone. Would think hydraulics are sound. However, at 180K miles you can't argue that you haven't had your money's worth!!!
Yeah I guess your right..... I COULD fork out £400 to £500 to have a new clutch fitted but what else is gonna go wrong with it after that ?? It would just be dead money methinks.... Having said that its been a handy motor to have...loads of room for trips to the tip or moving house and 7 seats makes it very handy for taking family out...but it has let me down a few times lately and I need a reliable car.... It would be sad to see it go but its bust and not a cheap fix...labour would be a few quid to start with then £400 for parts.......

If the clutch plates have gone I havent had any slipping at all just a sudden failure and a horrible smell... I have located the slave cylinder but how wud you test it was OK ?? Its possible I cud replace it but it might not fix the problem and Id end up having to replace the clutch as well....and I ain't dropping the gearbox off myself...No way !!
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Well what you need to think about is how much it would cost you to get an equivalent vehicle you like. You know all the ins and outs of this one.

I would start by finding a clutch kit.Try unipart centres ( previousoly partco) to see what they come up with. Shop around at Auto factors and you should then be able to gauge the price of the clutch assembly.

I don't have access to the book times but would assume it's a rear wheel drive so would allow 3 to 4 hours to change, 4 to 5 if front wheel drive.

The tell tale sign of this failure is the smell and the fact the pedal went to the floor. The hydraulics condition you experience are as a result of this.

I have a little Saxo VTR, which has been maintained meticuously and only worth a grand or so but I know every little detail of the car having had it from new but what could I get for a grand that I knew, understood etc? So I keep spending on it and it shows. Bog standard but does exactly what I want it to do reliably.

If you're happy with the car spend a bit as the spending you need to put against the replacement which usually costs a lot more.
If you don't have the clutch repaired, how much money would you get, or how easy will it be to get rid of the car with a knackered clutch?
At least repaired, you would have the satisfaction of knowing it should be good for at least another 100K miles.
I understand the points you're both making.....I will certainly consider pricing up the parts to replace the clutch but I wouldnt be keeping it after that...there are other issues with this car like electrical glitches..... I have had it since 2003 and have done about 80K of its total 180K mileage and its cost me about £3K in servicing and repairs...including 2 burst hoses within 2 months of each other, that was May/June this year...its also had 2 new radiators within a 2 year period, various suspension linkages / track rod ends, new battery, new brake master cylinder, new windscreen, plus normal wear and tear items like tyres, exhausts, brakes / discs....

Its also had a couple of bodywork grazes and various scratches and knocks...... Im not expecting to get a fat lot for it even without the clutch problem, so with the clutch gone its probably worth diddley squatt really.

If I spent £400 to £500 on getting the clutch fixed I dont know if Id get that back given the mileage and overall condition of it...its something Ive got to weigh up.... cut my losses and get shut of it, either scrap it or sell it on for spares (if there's anything usable that is !)...OR spend the money on fixing the clutch and risk not getting my money back....Like i said before I can certainly price up the parts or speak to my local garage and ask them what they can do it for.....if I were 10 years younger I might even do it myself but following heart surgery 2 years ago there's no way Im dropping the gearbox out myself !!.......the problem is I cant drive may well drive a few miles to the garage since it hasnt moved since Saturday and the clutch may have enough bite on it....but its now untaxed and uninsured....Im not in any rush to do anything yet cos Ive already bought another car...I was going to change my car anyway not because of the clutch though.... I will contact a few motor factors and spares suppliers and see what they come up with....

Thanks for the info and advice... Watch This Space eh !!
Well if you've already replaced the car then sell as is. No point in spending out additional. Someone will take it. However adjust your asking price from a runner to that of a runner less the cost of the parts only. The labour figure is an unknown variable.
Best wishes.
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