Honeywell Flex20, Trigger module and Samsung Smartthings

25 Jun 2018
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United Kingdom
hi all.

I've got a Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20 with Ethernet module, RF portal (for future use) and a Flex Trigger module. All these are working as required and using the excellent Selfmon service for alerts.

I've also got a Samsung Smartthings system with door sensors on all my downstairs doors including the garage and a Hikvision CCTV system.

What I would like to do is link the alarm and smartthigns together with the smartthings sensors then being a 'zone'. I can use a Fibaro Universal Binary sensor to give me an output from the Smartthings system to give a normally Open Circuit. If a door is opened this would then change to 'closed'.

the sensor works on 12v so I'm thinking I wire the P to +12v on the panel, the GND and one of the "out 1" terminals to the 0V on the panel then the 2nd terminal on "out 1" to a zone.

If any of the doors are opened Smart Things will detect it and close OUT 1 thereby causing the zone to go into alarm state.

Does that make sense?


Binary sensor wiring


Alarm Zone wiring


My other query is the output from the Felx Trigger module. When in engineer mode and test I can get 14v from the module. My CCTV is an Normally Open circuit and doesn't need power. Just an open or closed circuit so I've put a 12v relay on the output of the trigger module. Though its 14V it seems to be VERY low amperage and doesn't seem enough to trigger the relay. I've got some low signal relays on order but has anyone ever used this with any success??

thanks in advance!

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Hi, yes your sensor switch output will work. You will have to program the zone type as NC if you don't want to fit two 1k resistors (one across the out terminals and one in series with the zone).

The trigger outputs are all pull down, so you'd need to connect one terminal of your relay to +12v and the other to the trigger output. The sinking current of the trigger is 30mA, so you'll need a low current or opto isolated relay. Note that you're probably best with some sort of opto-isolated or transistorised relay anyway, as it will offer diodes for EMF protection.
I have inboxed you @gizmo1990 hopefully you might see it in your emails.
I'm wanting to set up this same setup with my flex and SmartThings.
Steve, keep a lookout for my new SelfMon virtual RIO design for the larger Flex and Dimension panels. This will allow a direct MQTT link between the Galaxy panels and home automation controllers that support an MQTT broker (locally is best for near zero lag on switching lights Etc). You can then call MQTT to set zone status on the panel and update 'things' status in the home automation space by receiving MQTT output status from the panel. This takes out the need for another middle-man with relays Etc. and allows you to detect existing sensors, set the panel, include sequences, Etc.

I am also looking at integrating a virtual RF portal and an RF portal monitor, allowing virtual keyfobs and existing RF portal device monitoring. This will allow the status of any Galaxy RF device to be pushed to home automation via MQTT. It wouldn't even need to be configured on the panel. You could use any supported RF fob or device to trigger any home automation routine. For example, it means that the Galaxy RF fob buttons can be used to do different things like open garage doors Etc. This part of the design will be an upgrade at V2 available via LAN based firmware upgrade.
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Thanks for that Galaxy guy that definitely sounds like something I'd want.
I have planned to mess around with my NodeMcu board this weekend when my trigger arrives and see what I could get from that.
I did have MQTT set up last year on a Pii for something else so could possibly use that.
You're not on GitHub are you ?


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Hello all. First time poster here, regular contributor on other HA Forums. Question for @GalaxyGuy - Is your virtual RIO restricted to the larger Flex panels or is there a way that it will work on Flex 20? I run Homeseer along with a Flex 20 and being able to use PIR status via MQTT would give me more flexibilty than using separate ZWave PIRs. I have an RF portal and am just looking to add an Ethernet module so that I can use Selfmon. Any advice much appreciated.

I also run a HA / Integration company so am interested from multiple angles.

Hi, it's not restricted, but will be limited to the zone information that's running on the RS485 bus. For the FX20, that will be 8 zones and 4 outputs. With the FX100+, it's 88 zones and 44 outputs and you can apply lots of links to forward the 12 onboard zones to the outputs. Email me and we can discuss low cost upgrade options for the FX20 systems, as I have stock of FX100+ PCB's for trade up.


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