galaxy flex

  1. J

    Galaxy flex100 beep from alarm box

    Hi, when my galaxy flex 100 alarm throws up a fault (tamper, supervision, battery etc) i get a beep from the number pad, internal sounder and annoyingly, especially for the street, the siren box. It has only done this since i have flashed the firmware to latest version. So i'm hoping its just a...
  2. J

    Galaxy flex entry or exit zone

    Hi, I have a magnet on the door zone1 set to final. Should the pir in the hall, zone2, overlooking the the door and keypad be set set to Exit or Entry? Thanks in advance. Jeramy
  3. PcxP

    Loft fire sensor for Honeywell Galaxy Flex panel

    Been researching for some time but there don't seem to be any definitive answers out there for this one. I even contacted Texecom directly and they didn't want to give advice, instead stating I should ask an installer. In short, I have a unvented hot water cylinder in the loft, plus two in-line...
  4. N

    Custom PA button wired into Galaxy Flex

    Hi all, This is probably a very difficult or impossible thing to achieve. I want to use the attached Normally Open Momentary (Retractive) switch to operate the PA. Looks a bit like a light switch but it'll do the job for me nicely! I understand that a PA switch is typically a N.C switch but am...
  5. R

    Honeywell FLEX-050+ V.3.52 Event Notifications Issue

    I am unable to receive zone alarm event notification to my Crestron hosted TCP server. Few events like RP, TA, YT etc being received. However during a zone alarm no messages are send from panel. SIA level is at max 3. What could be the issue? TIA
  6. J

    C079-2 RF Module, Galaxy Flex

    Hi, I have a Flex panel with 2 keypads wired to the RS485 Bus. I have fitted 680 ohm resistors on each keypad and removed the jumper at the bus. I want to add C079-2 RF Module so that would be a third set of wires coming from the bus. Do I need to add another EOL resistor? Thanks for your help...
  7. J

    Galaxy Flex Night Set

    Hi, here is my problem. I night set or silent part set my flex alarm on going to bed to stop beeps from internal sounder (OP3 on board). In the morning when I get up and use the app on phone to unset I get the final two unset beeps from the internal sounder which is not ideal if others are...
  8. J

    door sensor flex alarm

    Hi, I have a flex alarm panel. I would like to wire this sensor up to a zone but i am not sure what terminals on the panel to use. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks Jeramy,
  9. A

    Galaxy Flex and GX Remote

    Hi I am relatively new to this game. I recently installed a Galaxy Flex with ethernet module and the system is working fine. I hooked up GX remote and I can set unset the alarm, view logs etc from my phone. I am trying to set up push notifications but fail at the registration part on my phone...
  10. N

    Galaxy Flex and Touchcentre

    Good evening I am after some advice if I may please. I have a Galaxy Flex100 panel and we want to link up TWO Galaxy Touch Centres to it. I believe on a standard panel we can only use one Touch Centre. Is there any expansion modules or similar we can use so that both Touch Centres can be used...
  11. A

    Engineer Hold Off for Bell Box on Galaxy Flex 100

    Hi All, I'm trying to get the Engineer Hold off to work on an External Bell Box with a Galaxy Flex 100. I have the external trigger module installed so I have some extra outputs and TR6 which was Spare is set to Engineer and Latch but it does not work. Any ideas? It seems the Engineer option...
  12. A

    Galaxy Flex COM5 SMS error not resettable

    My Galaxy Flex 50 may go in unrecoverable error condition upon certain COM5 failure caused by the SMS connection. At times those error conditions can be recovered, but not always. In other cases the log shows the com5 problem starting but never resolving. If this happens, the only way to...
  13. G

    Honeywell Flex20, Trigger module and Samsung Smartthings

    hi all. I've got a Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20 with Ethernet module, RF portal (for future use) and a Flex Trigger module. All these are working as required and using the excellent Selfmon service for alerts. I've also got a Samsung Smartthings system with door sensors on all my downstairs doors...
  14. A

    Galaxy g2-20 and reson8 SAB

    Anyone know the wiring for a g2-20 and reson8? The more I’m looking the more I’m confusing myself? I’ve attached 2 images, one of the panel and one of the SAB. Any help appreciated. Image by Alroy1980 posted 1 Sep 2019 at 3:26 PMECC619A3-CE84-4F67-ABAF-5C6C8B0926F3 by Alroy1980 posted 1 Sep...
  15. S

    Galaxy flex 50 issues

    I’d be great full for any help. I tried to replace one damaged key porx tag today which was damaged and I decided to replace another worn one also. I thought all went well but not so. I can now only disarm the alarm with the tags and also you used to be able to just press a for full and b for...