1. C

    **SOLVED** CCTV Dahula Recorder. Dont know Password but know Patten

    **SOLVED** Hi, I have bought a new phone. App worked fine with my old iPhone, but I have gone over to Android (Samsung) I have had the system put in 2 years now, never once used the password. No idea what it could be. Tried the usual ones I would use. Obviously you cannot set a new...
  2. S

    Residential CCTV Help

    Hi all, Hoping for some help with planning my new self build home CCTV system. I am currently doing the first fix and I need to decide on the type of cable I should be fitting. I already have loads of shotgun coax and cat5E cable so ideally would like to use one of these however if using cat6...
  3. C

    Recommend a new hikvision system

    Look for some recommendations for upgrading my cctv I currently have a 4 camera hikvision system and am looking to upgrade to a new 8 channel NVR looking to use my 4 old cameras and add 4 new ones using. can anyone recommend an 8 channel NRV And 4 new cameras Possible one being a mini PTZ...
  4. Josh_Milner

    Hikvision not detecting camera

    Hi, I'm lost with this one now.. the camera was connected to test and see where best to drill, unplugged the camera, drilled the wall and attached the camera but when plugging back in it's not detecting the camera or saying unsupported; if left periodically on the screen it says detecting but...
  5. S

    Recommendations: new wireless system with sensor, camera and Google integration

    Hi About to move to a new property. Looking for a DIY system including cameras , sensors and ideally Google home integration. Sensors need to be pet friendly. Ideally predominantly wireless though will wire some elements of needed Recommendations appreciated.
  6. L

    Network with Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7 cable

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could help. I am planning to re wire the network cables and trying to future proof as well. I was wondering whether there is any difference between cat6 and cat6a cables. Also reading on the internet, users have commented that cat7 is a pain to install and if...
  7. D

    Hikvision back-box conduit system

    Hi Guys and Girls, I've recently had a few dodgy characters looking around my property, so I'm adding a new turret camera to cover some more of my driveway. I want it to be at a low-level so I can easily pick-up faces of people entering in my property. (My current cameras give a great overview...
  8. 9

    Need advice on new HD IP CCTV install

    I'm putting together a CCTV system for my parents house from scratch. I've already installed a fair bit of CAT6 cable in the past and I'm able to wire that fairly well and terminate the ends as needed. The house is a typical detached 4 bedroom building and so I think 4 cameras should be more...
  9. therugbytown

    Best 4-camera CCTV system under £350?

    Ok...apologies in advance. You will spot my ignorance on the subject very soon. I know that each product has its merits & there is no guarantee to say one lasts longer than the other. I also know it is difficult to compare brands/products as they vary in features. I want a system with 4...
  10. R

    Swann camera power supply

    Hi I have the swann NHD-885MSB cameras and I want to install the additional power supply for better night vision. can somebody tell me the voltage required and the pin size or better still recommend a power supply that will do the job. many thanks
  11. 1

    installing my 2nd CCTV systen advice pleases

    10 year ago I installed a 4 camera 720SD system - it was poor to say the least at £200 now my sister is having violent issues with her ex-husband whose moved a few houses down deliberately to make her life hell, and even though she has a 100m order that he's not allowed 100m near her, his new...
  12. G

    Honeywell Flex20, Trigger module and Samsung Smartthings

    hi all. I've got a Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20 with Ethernet module, RF portal (for future use) and a Flex Trigger module. All these are working as required and using the excellent Selfmon service for alerts. I've also got a Samsung Smartthings system with door sensors on all my downstairs doors...
  13. S

    Nest Camera Offline

    Hi all, I have recently bought a NEST doorbell camera. It's set up near my router however when someone comes to the door it takes a while (about 2 minutes) to alert me and this obviously can result in the person leaving by the time I get the alert. Any advice on to make it instant?
  14. L

    UPS for CCTV

    Hey everyone i'm new to this forum and wanted a bit of advice, I've currently got a small CCTV system in my house ut i am getting a lot of surges and spikes etc, I cam across a company called who advised getting a ups that would solve this problem and back it up if the power goes off. they look...
  15. M

    Can motion detection on CCTV trigger alarm?

    Hi, I have decided to install Yale security system after when some teenagers were trying to break into my shed. Apart from normal home security I wanted a system which will monitor movement in my garden and when motion is detected then it will start recording, inform me on the phone when I am...
  16. P


    Hik whatch now have it set to motion record but seems to record every two hours for half hour what am I doing wrong two cameres set up
  17. eveares

    My Home Network Setup

    Not exactly home automation (although I do have a lot of it), however it is a integral part my life and one may find it interesting. Regards: Elliott.
  18. D

    HELP - GDX Intercom Handset not working :-(

    Good afternoon, I have recently moved in to a property which has a communal Intercom system installed but the handset in my flat was ripped off by previous tenant (for some unknown reason :mad:). I have bought a new handset which seems to be a upgrade of the last one (possibly discontinued) &...
  19. P

    New Pyronix Wifi Camera's

    Hi, I have an Enforcer V10 system and have been looking at adding the new Pyronix Wifi Cameras (specifically the outdoor mini-domes). I was wondering if anybody has any experience with them (as they are so new). I know they have a sd card and you can access the video via the new app just...
  20. B

    8 core alarm cable for the cctv

    Hi, a friend if mine has bought a house, which has 8 core alarm cable run from (1) front of the house, (2) back of the house and (3) garden shed to the electrical cupboard underneath the stairs. The cables are just rolled up without any connectors/connections and it seems like it has never been...