Honeywell Galaxy 2-20 - Engineer's Code

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31 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom

I have recently inherited a Honeywell Galaxy 2-20 System when I moved into a new house at the start of the year. I continued a contract with a local Alarm Company as a matter of course and they 'inspect' the system annually.

However, a few months ago the alarm failed during a thunder and lightning storm. I managed to silence / reset the system and the local Alarm Company assessed the damage as an external PSU failure and quoted £250 to complete the job. I have a strong Electronics / Electrical background and decided to 'have a go' myself.

I have subsequently bought and replaced the PSU with a like-for-like (Elmdene) replacement and also replaced the 2 x back-up batteries as one had failed (<8v) and both were over 6 years old anyway. After some investigation, I found that approximately half of the I/O was connected directly to the main Galaxy board and the other half is connected to a RIO. This seems reasonable after spreadsheeting the power consumption of each end device. However, the RIO now indicates (via the PCB LED) that it is not configured and although the Sensor LEDs blink red on confirmed detection, I have confirmed that they do not trigger the tamper or intruder alarms (wired as Double Balance). I also cannot see it in the ‘Omit Zones’ Menu.

I only have user / manager passcodes and not the engineer’s passcode and hence cannot configure the RIO. The default code as provided in the Installation and Programming Manual does not work.

Before I ask the local Alarm Company if they can provide the Engineer’s code, is there another way I can enter the system as an Engineer?

Failing that, (I imagine the query above will prove futile!) I am willing to reconfigure the system from factory defaults (although would prefer to try other options first). Is there a way to default the system back to factory settings?

I am also in the process of replacing the Motion Detectors for those with Pet immunity - Honeywell DPT7435UK2 (the Local Alarm Company quoted £100 per detector!). I am also looking to install smoke alarms and bring them back to the panel as Fire Zone I/O.

I am also aware of the sensitivity surrounding placing this information online and will welcome any discussions via PM.


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If you have opened the panel, then you must have triggered a tamper which your user is able to reset.

If you don't have the engineer code, you can disconnect all power (mains and battery), then reconnect and quickly get the lid on and top tamper screw in. On boot, the panel will re-index the RS485 bus and find the RIO.
Great advice socdesign, that worked a treat.

I am part way through changing over the detectors to the pet immune variety and, touch wood, this is going well.

However, there are a couple of non-pressing jobs that will require the Engineer's code; setting up the comms service number and adding smoke alarms to name a couple.

Is there a way to reset?


if memory serves me correct the master code allows reset of engineer code you can get manual from uk panels (i am not on commision lol) i always get a manual form there when i am stuck sign up to frum and post in manuals section if you cannot find.
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The manuals don't cover code reset options for the G2 series and are available via a quick google anyway.

OP, I have sent a PM to discuss options with you.

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