Honeywell Galaxy Dimension GD-48 weird fault

6 Jan 2019
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United Kingdom
I have a GD-48. Today, it had some sort of weird episode for 8 minutes. During this time it wrote loads of messages to the log where various modules "went missing", then came back. Then it seems to have recovered. This has happened twice previously (to my knowledge). The other times have been while I've been in, and the system was unset. On those occasions, the keypads started beeping which alerted me, and the issue resolved after a while and the beeping stopped. Probably I entered a code to clear the beeping. Anyhow today, since I was out at the time, it triggered a false alarm and I didn't spot it until a neighbour contacted me to let me know. By the time I checked, it had already rearmed (after the alarm had been sounding for 15 mins), and as the weird episode was over and did not repeat later there was no recurrence of the alarm before I got home.

I have attached a log taken from GX Remote Control app. NB you have to read it bottom to top.

Anyone have any ideas what happened?

My best theory is that the power supply is only just coping with the load on it and for whatever reason, at these times its power output has dropped temporarily such that various of the modules have shut down, then later it has recovered.

The system was installed by a semi-professional relative of the previous owner of my house. There were a lot of things wrong with it that I've sorted over the time we've lived here (as an enthusiastic amateur). I've also added to the system 1x keypad, 1x PIR, the internet module, 2x RF RIOs and 2x shock sensors. These episodes have started since I added the second RF RIO and the 2x shock sensors.

The full system is:

GX-48 panel with ethernet module
9x PIRs
4x keypads (3 have keyprox)
1x wired RIO (in detached garage)
2x RF RIOs
2x shock sensors
5x door contacts

The wired RIO in the garage has 1x PIR and 2x shock sensors attached (as well as 2x door contacts).

All of this is run off the panel's power supply alone, which is marked AMC SAT-0015 9905-11876-1vmw.

I've noticed that the power supply is fairly hot and buzzes. It would be nice to replace it with one that doesn't buzz!!

I'm wondering if I need an uprated power supply in the panel (especially as I've added to the system over time). I am also aware that you can add a remote power supply to the RIO and RF RIOs. Or maybe I am barking up the wrong tree.

Any advice would be great.


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This is a bus fault and all devices on the bus are dropping for a second, then coming back online. I would start by checking diagnostics power supplies which should give an idea of current consumption. Then check across all the devices to see if any hints with devices not being at 100%. It may be a device you have added is faulty or the wiring going to the first device in the chain has an issue. I'm afraid it's going to be a process of elimination.

Which version of Ethernet do you have? The E080-4 version of the module can go short circuit due to a known CPU issue.
Many thanks for the reply @GalaxyGuy. Ok. I checked diagnostics. It is giving a constant reading of 13.76V with the current fluctuating between 0.53A and 0.61A.

I do have the E080-04 ethernet module, but I've had that for ages with no problems.

Are you then suggesting testing across all the devices with my meter? That's going to take some time. Also, it seems fine at the moment and this has only happened to my knowledge 3 times over 2 or 3 months - am I really likely to spot anything unless it is actually having an episode?

If it's down to 1 faulty device, i do have a top suspect. 1 of the 2 window shock sensors in the garage has misbehaved a few times. The entry route to the garage is a door contact. Once this has tripped occasionally within a second, and before anthing else on the entry route has tripped, an alarm has triggered from the shock sensor zone, though there's no way it could have detected a shock. Because of this I changed the zone type from INTRUDER to DUAL. Since then I never had the problem again so forgot about it. I have already tested this with my meter and I couldn't see anything strange. Adding these shock sensors was the most recent change. Maybe I should try swapping the 2 shock sensors and putting it back to INTRUDER and see if it happens again from either of the 2 sensors. That would also help diagnose/eliminate an issue with the cable. However these sensors are on the wired RIO. Would a fault on one of these cause all the modules on the bus on the panel to act up as per the log?

So you don't think there is an issue with the load on power supply as such then? It should cope given the list of modules in my posting?

Beyond this, and testing all the devices with my meter I guess the next step is to call in a professional?
There's not much you can do with your meter, unless testing resistances with the power off.

The bus fault is the symptom and since it's intermittent, then it may take some time to diagnose. It can be caused by the bus itself being open, or a rogue device causing the issue by dragging the bus down. It doesn't look like a power supply problem, but that's not to say that some device isn't going low resistance and dragging power down. Although, you'd expect a blown aux fuse if that was the case. Most of the time it's wiring disturbance or something faulty that's been added prior to the fault manifesting.

Unless the vibration sensor has water ingress, then I wouldn't think that was the root cause. It would need to be affecting power to cause the fault that you're seeing.

The E080-4 modules go faulty over time. Check for any scorching on the square QR barcode label.
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Thanks. QR looks fine to me but have taken photo for what it's worth! The shock sensors are Honeywell Viper GL ones which have electronics - so they do have power to them - hence me thinking that. Especially as they were the most recent change?


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Just test the temp with your finger on that label, it shouldn't be hot. Probably some other issue, but the E080-4 is a known problem part.
Thanks. QR looks fine to me but have taken photo for what it's worth! The shock sensors are Honeywell Viper GL ones which have electronics - so they do have power to them - hence me thinking that. Especially as they were the most recent change?

Check them for moisture inside. Especially if on a window frame.
@GalaxyGuy Thanks for the advice. I took the system down today. I have swapped the 2 shock sensors as I am wary about 1 of them as mentioned. I'll see how that goes. No moisture. As regards the bus fault I went round all 4 of the keypads and the wired RIO. I took the wires from the bus out of the terminals, inspected them and refitted. All looked fine. Finally I did the panel. That was more scruffy so I cut and rebared the ends of the wires and refitted them. I was not going to go in the loft to look at the 2x RF RIOs as it's been so hot all this weekend it'd be unbearable. I'll see how things go and when the weather takes a turn for the worse I'll inspect the RF RIOs too.

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