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Galaxy walk-test issues

Discussion in 'Alarms, CCTV & Telephones' started by JM2, 27 Mar 2020.

  1. JM2


    14 Nov 2010
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    United Kingdom
    Following on from difficulties last November (now sorted), we've had some additions with further detectors and another extension rio.

    The panel is, I think, a GD-48 - could be a 3-48.
    Main panel plus, now, two extension RIOs remote from the panel. Two keypads, two usable entry/exits.

    Yesterday, I set about trying to walk-test the system as the place is all but shut down.
    However I've failed to do so.

    Using '-31 all zones' on the original provided keypad (I can't any results from keypad2 - probably off an extension) I can get a good response off the early few PIRs on RIO 0 but nothing off 1011-1014 and nothing from the first extension rio 1021-1028 (yet I know 1028 works as it's a door and I entered that way). Also, nothing from a new RIO extension they've provided and the 5x PIRs cabled to it.

    So is there a per zone setting that has been programmed to inhibit walk-testing or a firmware bug or does the operator need substitution ??

    Any thoughts welcome. If it is the later, please advise what the substitute needs to be aware of.

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