Hoover vhd844db washing machine

8 May 2010
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United Kingdom
i have a Hoover VHD844DB washing machine which is now displaying an error code E08.
is it possible to fix this ??
what exactly can the problem be ?
Does anyone know the error codes displayed by Hoover washing machines or are they specific to each model ?
i strongly suspect that the error is due to......
a sticky motor/drum or the motor tacho...
any help would be appreciated
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You suspect correctly. E 08 indicates a tacho fault (open or shorted). However if the machine is a few years old it could just boil down to a new set of brushes.
Depending which type of motor you have the tacho coil resistance should be be as follows:
Ceset motor 42 Ohm. Hoover motor: 156 Ohm. Sole motor: 184 Ohm.
Good luck :D
many thanks for te reply...
is the E08 specific error code to that particular model or a generic Hoover error code ?
It is specific to your model but generally the same error codes tend to be used across the line. I should have added...some VHD844DB models were fitted with 3 phase motors, in which case forget about possible brush problems & concentrate on a tacho or PCB issue. The resistance values are still valid. The error tree is slightly different for the 3 phase model but E 08 still equates to a tachometric issue.
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thanks very much for that explanation.
however....how do i determine if its a 3 phase motor ?
thanks in advance.
i will concentrate on a brush set and tacho whilst the motor is out and replace both
You don't have to change the tacho is the resistance is correct according to the values I stated. While you have the motor out check to see if the small magnet on motor shaft at the tacho end has worked loose, sometimes they do. In which case a couple of drops of loctite should do the trick.
to be fair i did not actually see a small magnet on the end of the motor when i looked at it........
would it be possible to post a picture of the magnet as attached to the motor ?
The tacho stator has to be removed first. You will find the shaft magnet once it is off. Look at the non drive end of the motor, the tacho is the black circular item with 2 wires going to it.
thankyou .....thats tight but the resistance is not as specified...
i will order one and change the brush set aswell
again i thankyou for your patience and knowledge
My pleasure.
Bear in mind that while error codes are useful tools they are not always 100% right. It is often a process of elimination. What sometimes appears to be a motor fault could end up being a pcb issue instead. Good luck, let us know how it goes :D
just a quick update.....
having replaced the brushes and the Motor Tacho i still have the same error as before ie E08 is still present as before.
i am now seriously thinking that this maybe a PCB issue....would i be correct in that assumption ??
if this is the case then Hoover have really gown down in my estimation of their reliability and build quality.
any further help would be gratefully received
Yes, I am afraid it sounds like this may boil down to a PCB issue. As I said earlier error codes are useful but sometimes misleading. Take a close look at the board for signs of component damage (overheating/blown tracks etc). Also check the wiring for breaks or loose contacts.

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