Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz with a Range TribuneHE Immersion

30 Dec 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi people,

I'm a first time poster and am despirate for you help.

I live in a new build flat and my immersion heater and normal water heater are not heating water at all. The Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz is working correctly from the outset. The problem arose after I turned the immersion heater off at the RCD unit when I went home from Christmas. I have turned this on when returning and now have the problem.

Like I say, the Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz unit is working correctly.

I know someone else has had this trouble on here before, but had no solution. Any ideas anyone? I was thinking maybe a fuse inside the Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz has gone, or the thermostat has tripped?

Thanks a lot everyone

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obvious but is the clock out?digital or analogue hortzman? is it switched off timed? do you have a boost? does that work?i suspect if all that is ok then could be the cutout in the immersion which u would needc to test however i would not recommend that if you are not sure what you are doing!!
Thanks for your help. On further inspection, I am now receiving hit water after using boost. I can hear the boost thermostat switch on, whereas I can't with the normal thermos. There is no reset button on the casing, just a red dial. The boost thermos appears to 'click' when turning down and then up again, the main thermos has no response and no click?

Thanks again
if the timeclock is analogue turn the dial till the light comes on for off peak or if digital scroll through time till the light comes on and put your ear to the tank and listen to see if u can hear the element buzzing if it does then your clock is just set wrong probably.if not the cvutout is on the element or stat or both if you take the cover off the element it normally is a little circular black button on element or if on stat it will say reset on it normally. however like i said i wouldnt advise this if your not sure as it could possibly be energised.
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Thanks for your response. I can't hear anything when the timer is set to on, but when the boost is set to on I can hear it, which is working anyway. Do you think it's a big job then? Thanks
nope if its just the cutout its matter of 2mins to whip cover off push button and your fixed.if its element its bigger job tank needs drained and element replaced however i doubt it is as this (providing your rcd/rcbo protected) usually causes electric to trip if element has gone.
Your a star mate, thanks so much. I'll get in touch with a mate an ask him to have a look. I'll let you know what we find
no probs if your struggling whip cover off with power off of course and take close up pic and we will point u in right direction.
Have you taken a closer look at the wall switch beside the immersion tank?

It often has a small hatch on one side, containing a 13amp plug top type fuse to protect the element under it - Use a metal cased torch to test the fuse, unscrew the battery cap at the base, switch on the torch, and place the 13amp fuse between the battery contact and the metal torch casing - the bulb should light up.

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