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15 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi all. Just bought a new expandable garden hose. The connection to the outside tap is nothing like the tap itself. Inside the hose connection there is an octagon shaped cutout. I have no idea what this is for or if I can by an adapter to fit both the hose and the outside tap. The tap itself is quite old and does not have any screw threads on it. Any advice would be much appreciated before I return it to the shop.
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Does your outside tap have a stepped hose connection on it?

This can usually be unscrewed allowing you to screw on the threaded hose connector provided with the hose.

There are, however, different sizes of tap connectors.

Can you show us a pic of the outside tap and a pic of the hose connector(s)?

Hi. Thanks for your quick reply. Here are some photos of the hosepipe and the outside tap. Hope you find time to take a look for me. Thanks again.
Have you tried unscrewing the existing hose connector (the ribbed part of the tap).

May need a bit of WD40 first to loosen it up.

Once unscrewed that SHOULD reveal a threaded connection which you can then screw the hose connector to.

FWIW, the tap could be 3/4 or 1/2 but cannot tell from the picture. If the connector doesn't fit the threaded connector then you may need the adapter which screws in between the tap and the expandable hose connector.

Does that make sense?

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Thanks for the help. Ill have a go at that and get back to you. Need to wait for my son to come down though, don't think I can get this off myself as you can see its very corroded. Don't know whether you could see in the picture properly but the inside of the new connection for the hosepipe has an octagon shaped cut out. Do they usually have these ?
I think the internal octagon is a red herring.

You have the hose end (which screws to the tap) which is threaded (probably to 3/4 inch) and that needs screwing to the tap.

AFAIK, once you unscrew the current (ribbed) connector, you should find the tap has a thread which you will then be able to screw the hose connector in to. If it doesn't fit, the tap is probably 1/2 and will necessitate you buying the adapter.

IMHO, the internal octagon shape is just the way the hoze is manufactured and not anything to do with your issue with the tap connection.
Thank you so much. Ill certainly have a try and let you know how it goes.

Try to loosen it by hand first (using a glove or a cloth) as they aren't usually on that tightly. Grip the tap body whilst doing so (so as not to twist the tap off the wall!)

Better to give it a squirt of WD40 first and wait 15 minutes.

However, no harm in trying it by hand it you've no WD40.

If that fails, ask your son to bring his WD40 and tools........

Hi again, just to let you know managed to get the end of the tap off and as you said there was a threaded end to it. Screwed the new flexible hose to it turned on the tap and water spurted out. Not from the tap connection but from the actual hose itself just under the part that connects the hose to the tap. Lost patience with this now it's going back to the shop tomorrow. Just like to thank you for all your help. At least I know now that I can get another hosepipe to fit . Cheers.
Have a look at the link below.

This is the MF's website.

Scroll down the page and make sure you haven't overtightened the hose to tap connector connection as this may well have caused the leak.

It's all shown in the picture.


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