Hotpoint Aquarius WF320 Flashing Lights (1200 Spin)

16 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi All

We have a Hotpoint Aquarius WF320 (1200 Spin) washing maching.

It fills up with water goes half way through the program then stops,2 lights start flashing

On/Off flashes really fast
Wash Enhance Flashes

Have anybody had this problem or know what is wrong and how to fix it


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Error Codes

f01 light 4, motor triac
f02 light 3 motor, jammed/ tacho
f03 lights 3&4 Ntc fault
f04 light 2. pressure sw stuck on empty
f05 lights 2&4, pressure sw stuck on full
f06 lights 2&3, N/A?
f07 lights 2&3&4 heater relay
f08 light 1. heater relay
f09 lights 1&4 eprom/setup error
f10 lights 1&3, pressure switch not sensing
f11 lights 1&3&4, pump/draining error
f12 lights 1&2, communication error
f13 lights 1&2&4, dryer ntc/ fan motor
f14 lights 1&2&3, dryer heater
f15 lights 1&2&3&4, dryer heater relay
f16 N/A
f17 light 4, door lock
f18 light 3 comms error (3 phase motor) power board

So in this instance with the second light flashing the error code would be f04 light 2. pressure sw stuck on empty

ignore the on off light
Thanks Rocks 1

when you say the pressure sw stuck on empty is that easy to the part expensive to buy

if that is your error code clean the filter first and the presure chamber next to it .if that dont work pressure switch is under the lid on the left cost about a tenner
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Thanks rocks

I will give it a go tomorrow,Is the filter and the presure chamber easy to get to and clean (what they look like)

Sorry to sound like a idiot but i have never opened a washing machine before...........but i would rather have a go at fixing it myself that buy a new washing machine

Thanks Rock

at the back remove lower panel and you will see a black sump in front undo jubilee clip and clean it next to it is the pressure chamber runs up to the side plastic pipe clean that as well.
Thanks Rocks............I will give it a go tomorrow and let you know how i get on

Cheers Again
Thanks for posting that reply as to how to fix this problem! I search on Google and found this article and it solved the problem without costing me anything at all! I found over ten pounds in loose change in the filter and after just looking in the pressure chamber and fiddling with the pressure switch, it all just worked. Hopefully, it will prove to be a permanent fix! Can you tell me what those three screws in the pressure switch are? One appears to change the pressure needed to cause the switch to engage but I'm not sure about the other two. Thanks for the wonderful solution!!
dont adjust them leave well a lone they control the water flow if you turn them it screws the pcb up .
Okay. Assuming that I got your advice too late and have already fiddled with all three. That would be bad, right? It seems to be working, it's already done four loads since I put it back together...
it monitors the water level if there is hardley any water in it on 9o degree wash it will boil dry and you cant see water level due to clothes in it also too much water will cause it to flood, its got a timed fill and empty . same on 40 /60 30 / 50 washes ,rinses as well progs take longer to complete .you may be very lucky .just make sure you got house insurance and its up to date . ;)
You were absolutely right and when I watched it doing a 40 fast wash it filled the drum over half full (more than halfway up the door). That's not right!! :) So, I've ordered a new pressure switch. ;)
Job done, got up and wife showed me the flashing lights, googled, came here, followed your instructions, machine fixed, all in an hour! Sweet. Thanks lads great job. I'll be back..
hello everyone.

I have a similar problem it is light 3 which according to Rocks1's info means:

f02 light 3 motor, jammed/ tacho

can anyone tell what this means exactly please.

the machine does work now and again by the way.

thanks in advance

Check the motor brushes for wear otherwise you have a pcb fault.

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