Hotpoint fridge quite warm

20 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom

I have a Hotpoint HM315NI Fridge that is running too warm - 8 degrees in the fridge, but the freezer is fine.

The pump isn't running a lot, and the seals on the door seem fine

I've turned the stat up to 5 in the hope it will make a difference - it hasn't

Can anyone suggest what could be wrong with it please?
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Total defost for 24 hrs tubes are poss blocked.
Ok thanks. I take it the coolant tubes on the back of the fridge?

I did have a blockage the other week, but that was the drain at the back of the fridge - not related to this?
No tubes are behind the freezer panel. And yes if you had a blockage that's part of the problem as well
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I meant to mention that it's not a frost free freezer. Reading through the forum most people who seem to have this problem have a frost free one, is it the same situation?

Thanks :)
Yes all frost free means you can't see the ice it's behind the rear panel. On non frost free ice was hanging down in the freezer and you had to wipe the packets of food to remove the ice to see what you were eating.
Quick update before I make arrangements to move all my food to an alternate fridge!

Inside the fridge, on the back wall, it is frozen, there is an odd noise like creakings almost coming from the back

Are these signs of it being frozen up in the pipes?

I've taken another temp measurement in the fridge, now up to 12 degrees, even though the back wall is frozen!
Yes that's poss the fan jammed with ice. It's not circulatating the cold air.
Hi again,

Not having much luck with the fridge still.

The odd thing is, if I leave the freezer door ever so slightly open then the fridge gets down to 2C, otherwise it's up at around 7

Is the thermostat in the fridge at fault?

Apologise for digging up an old thread but did you get this get resolved?

We have the same issue :(

So turn off your ff, take out all the food and box it, wrapped well, open the ff doors for at least 24 hours or until all water drips have stopped, both inside, and into the drip dish at the back (pull the ff out and sponge this dish out to prevent water overflowing).
I've since moved from the property, but a full defrost and cleaning the tube in the fridge at the bottom sorted it out in the end.

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