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Hotpoint integrated dishwasher problem (click noise and cold water) HIC 3B+26

Discussion in 'Appliances' started by shd1970, 3 Aug 2020.

  1. shd1970


    27 Jul 2006
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    United Kingdom
    Hi all,

    We have a Hotpoint HIC 3B+26 UK integrated dishwasher which we purchased approx March 2018 and was eventually fitted January 2019 so its only been used for ~18 months.
    Just to set the scene, Its worth mentioning the machine is likely only used 5 times a week as there is only me and the wife so its had a very easy life to date.

    We always use wash option 2 and in the last 6 weeks or so, we started getting an error code 13 which stopped the machine operating.

    Power off and on cleared but this code happened a good few times but then we found keeping the salt fully topped up seemed to prevent this error
    More recently, the behavior has changed
    Today we did a test with a completely empty machine again on option 2, and took timings and noted the following behavior :

    From closing the door, the machine starts and all sounds normal but within 3 minutes, you hear a distinctive click every 3 or so seconds continuously, with a noise of water wooshing
    We checked it 30 mins later and it was doing exactly the same noise
    The draining board directly above the integrated dishwasher was always nice and warm so you you knew it was working normally, but now, there is no heat whatsoever.
    We left it doing its thing for another 30 mins (same clicking noise but no heat) so then we opened the door.
    The water in the bottom of the machine was cold.
    We shut the door and more water flow was heard for a time but the same clicking noise persisted.
    Left for another 30 mins or so and the dishwasher did exactly the same so the door was again opened and closed and again it burst into life but the machine is still cold
    After 3.5 hrs, we gave up (we know washing cycle 2 runs for 2.5hrs) so opened the door (cold water in the bottom still) and powered off the machine at the on/off switch and the water immediately all drained away

    Can anyone shed any light on what this issue may be please ?

    I'm guessing it only had 12 months warranty but still plan to ring Hotpoint and have a moan tomorrow as as mentioned, its a little over only 2 years old with light use so surely the parts they use can't be this poor quality can they ?

    I'm pretty DIY handy so could tackle testing or replacing components comfortably with instructions, its just knowing which bit

    Anyone else had similar to the above please and can offer any advice ?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. DIY junkie

    DIY junkie

    8 Nov 2019
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    United Kingdom
    Same with my one water is flowing and pumping out 20-30min in the program its stopping with light 2 and 4 on water is cold,I'm changing the heating element when arived and hopefully this will fix it

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