How to Hang a very heavy mirror

27 Jul 2007
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Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
I have a very heavy chunky wooden framed mirror I'd like to hang on a plastered brick chimney breast.

What would be the best way? It must weight about 30kg.

I was thinking anchor bolts.

Problem is, there is me recess or hooks or anything on the back of the mirror. My idea was to put 2 anchor bolts in the wall and have them protruding approx 2cm out. I'd then drill two recesses into the mirror so the bolt heads would locate into these recesses to prevent the mirror slipping off.

Any help would be great!


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do you have any pictures off the mirror
30kg is very very heavy
need to know the makeup off the mirror and frame to suggest fixings that are visually and strength wise correct
ok reading your reply further you say 2 holes drilled in the frame for support screws
30 kg is around 70 lbs or 30 bags off sugar or half an adult are you sure its that heavy
Just use standard fixing clips and and 2" 10s. It'll never fall off.
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if its a mass produced mirror with 2 fixing points then it will be fine as joe says 10x2" or 5mmx50mm screws
not happy to suggest hidden fixings as the frame is made from 16 separate bits off wood and a back panel with what looks like only 4 screws holding it all together

there may be further fixings covered over i cant tell
if you hold the top off the frame and one side rock the top bit back and the side bit forward how much play is in the join between them

There is no play at all, the mirror is extremely rigid. There is a gap of about 5mm between the inner most pieces of wood, but as said, no play at all!

We have a little child so want to make sure it is securely on the wall and cannot be knocked off accidently!


because its so heavy and because i dont know how strong it is linked to kids and glass

i would only be happy to suggest 2 fixings to the bottom and one each side near the top
in this configuration the bottom of the mirror is fully supported and the top off the sides
its not as semetrical as 4 at the sides where the weight could drop the mirror
or 2 top and bottom where the sides may work loose allowing the bottom to tip forward and collapse

if you are happy to drill holes through and fix then the top and bottom will work because even if the sides come loose or fall off the the mirror is fully supported top and bottom

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