How to remove bath tap cartridge with no grub screw

19 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom

I have a dripping bath tap that's driving me insane. Fixed the odd tap before but it was simple, this one is challenging me.
Both hot and cold are quarter turn and the leak is from hot (left hand side). The hot tap turns further than it should do when shutting off, so maybe the tap is damaged hence why it's dripping.

I read it could be the headgear cartridge that needs replacing so I am willing to give this a go... however, after removing the handle It appears there is no grub screw inside to release the tap head to access the cartridge. There is no cap to pull off of the top either.

Please see images.

Thanks for any advise.
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It might be that the heads are not serviceable, can you access the underside to remove/replace the whole tap if need be?

Thanks for your reply Blup. I wasn't aware that some taps were unservicable... would explain things. I took the side panel off a few weeks back and it looked like there was very little room for maneuver as i couldnt even see the taps from underneath. I will take the panel off again and take a picture, and would appreciate your help from there. If the bath needs to come out then it needs to come out.

With side panel off. I can barely get my arm through the gap.


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I've just changed our bath. The one we had, had the taps halfway along on the wall side. It would have been impossible to have got them out with the bath in situ and I smashed the bath to pieces to aid removal. The new one had the taps fitted at the end. Looks like a bath out job I'm afraid unless there's a hidden grub screw round the back of the tap or the head just levers off. I'd give it a go before taking the bath out - what have you got to lose?
It may be that the heads can be removed (pulled off) if you first turn the taps to the full-on position.
Try pulling on the valve heads and slowly turn them whilst continuing to pull.
You might just feel a sweet-spot where the head tends to give a little which would indicate where they need to be to permit pulling off.
Or it could be that corrosion 'snot' is locking the head onto the valve spindle.
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I levered the head off our 1/4 turn tap, then the cartridge unscrewed from the top.

Worth a go, bath out or access from other side of wall as had been said otherwise..

Try turning the head, grub screw could be located further roundand some heads just pull off.
Thanks for the replies guys its given me some hope. There's no way the miss will allow me to knock through the master bedroom wall into the bathroom, so that's out the question but a very good idea.
I've turned the tap head fully round and defo no grub screw hiding in there so i'm just hoping it is a PULLY the picture below from Keithmac.

Just going to get in the bath before i end up destroying it lol.

Will keep you posted. Thank you.

Somehow (funell & small tube?) get some kil-roc descaler through that hole and leave before you start pulling the head off, also be ready for it suddenly come off so don`t go banging your head or putting your back out when it does pop off. ;)
Ok thanks. Will buy some descaler tomorrow and leave it for a few hours. Good shout.
Pour a kettle of boiling water slowly over the head, put cold wet cloth around the base of the tap first.

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