How to seal glass bath screen?

3 Mar 2019
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United Kingdom
Finally managed to get the bath sealed properly but the glass screen is still leaking around the hinge. The base of the hinge has a gap between the bath so I sealed the inside. I know that's not recommended but I didn't want to risk water getting under the hinge and going down the back of the bath as the plasterboard is already getting a bit damaged.

I think it's leaking from the gap between the hinge and the glass screen. I've tried blocking that gap with silicone and replaced the seal at the bottom. I cut part of the seal clamp out so I could push it further over into the gap but still not able to get it water tight.

20190321_165017.jpg 20190321_165111.jpg

Any suggestions on what to do? Planning to get a large syringe and squirt small areas to try and pinpoint the leak but wondered if there's something else I should be doing. Seal it from the outside and squirt a copious amount underneath the hinge?
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The water can run down inside the profile, so if you seal the inside it will drain somewhere else. You need to seal the outside only then any water that gets in will come out on the correct (wet) side.
If the plasterboard is exposed you'll need to seal where the profile meets the plasterboard too.
But after all that it will still leak a little sometimes and that's just how they're designed.
Annoying, the previous owner installed the bath and I removed it to fix some leaks and get it level. I think the screen profile is sealed to the wall, but I don't know if it is sealed at the base to the bath / wall. So I need to remove the entire screen to make sure the profile is sealed all the way round and then seal the outside?

Not sure it's worth the effort as even if I fix the leak, water still splashes over the top and past the end of the screen. Probably will have to go with a shower curtain at some point
there should be some screws holding the screen/hinge assembly to the profile, you just need to support the screen and remove them (2 person job), then carefully lift the main part of the screen out, then you should be able to get in and seal where necessary.

Remember that all those joins and edges you can see on the inside, water will run in and down all of them, so you're basically aiming that when it falls to the bottom, it won't run out anywhere it shouldn't, but just drain harmlessly back into the bath area.
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So what you're saying is that I need to remove the screen door (everything to the right of the red line in the picture), seal all around the base of the wall profile where it meets the bath to the left of the red line (inside and out), reattach the door and then seal the hinged part on the outside only?

Looks like the screen is backwards too.
Don't understand how a screen can be backwards, it can only go on one side of the bath. The screen seal is on the bottom, and the curved corner at the top right. Or are you saying the screen seal should be on the outside of the bath? Tried both, still leaks

The wall profile is one solid piece so the only joint where water could seep is where the hinge / door is connected. It seems like water is getting out from under the hinged part so if I seal the wall profile fully, it should prevent any water escaping down the back of the bath, and if I seal the hinged part from the outside, the water that runs down the door joint should escape back into the bath. Is my thinking correct?

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