how to stop kids stealing my gravel?

20 Dec 2013
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United Kingdom
In my front garden, i have what was a flower bed down the side of my driveway, which i layed gravel. As kids walk past they seem to like to pickup the stones and throw them around. I seem to have to replace them at a rate of a bag every couple of months. The main problem is that i went for snow white gravel and it looks terrible all down the road.

does anyone have a solution to this, as a fence isnt an option. other than remove the stones :)

i was considering using white concrete and throwing the stones back in place with the concrete still wet, so they set into it.. however not sure how this would look? i also guess this wouldnt set all of the stones.

anyone know of any type of clear glue i could pour overtop to stick them down? or any ideas on how anyone else has overcome this?

thanks :)
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Hello Aflack
Have you actually seen kids doing this? Just wondered if it could be a regular local blackbird or two looking for slugs or worms under the gravel - they can make a bit of a mess throwing things around when they're foraging.
Just a thought.......
If it is kids then maybe your concrete solution would be the answer.
Maybe you could use clear epoxy resin like you use with fibreglass.

Not sure what it would look like as I have never done anything like it.

I have concreted larger pebbles down and it looked good.
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Thanks guys.

i have seen them pick them up. however no point telling kids off as it would just makes them do it more :) it ranges from little kids to teens and they scatter them all up and down the road. white stone really show on the road. need to find my house just follow the white stones it seems.

i was thinking about trying a resin, however i am not too sure how this will look, and if it discolors. chicken mesh may also work, however rust would make it look really bad, and i guess i would have to concrete the edges to keep it in place.

i think the easiest solution would be to place a troth flower pot on the front with some small shrubs or something and admit defeat as was maybe not the best idea in my case. This would stop them i guess. i guess it also stops some of the litter blowing in from the scumbags walking past lol.
Honestly I would bed in broken glass, you are allowed to have broken glass for decorative reasons as a feature. All it takes is one kid to grab a handful and you'll never have to go out and buy more stones unless you want to

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