how to terminate laminate flooring

19 Sep 2003
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United Kingdom
I have a terraced house that is open plan from the entrance to the lounge on the first floor with some stairs that lead downstairs to the basement level.

I havnt laid the laminate flooring yet but my question is how do I terminate the laminate at the edge of the stairs where they meet without creating a trip hazard across the stairs by using a laminate to carpet strip.

Just to give you an idea:

you enter the house and there is a hallway which after about 10 ft leads into a lounge. the stairway goes from left to right so meets up with the entrance hall.

The standard laminate strip therefore by definition would go across the top of the stairs. if I took the carpet further it would look odd.

Regards in advance.

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scratched my head for a while on this one.

Do you own a router?

If you do, then you could create a new rebated bull nose for the top step which would cover the laminate (for expansion gap puposes).

You would also have to cut back to leading edge of the top step so it doesn't exceed too far.

But the human body is very sensitive to slight variations in step heights. Lots of regs governing steps I believe?

And it would still require a slight 'ramp' over the laminate for the expansion gap.

In my opinion, it would be far safer to keep a landing area in carpet (as per original?) Would this not be acceptable?

Hope I have been of some help. :confused:
I cannot picture in my head exactly what a rebated bull nose is. I have no problem learning or buying the router and doing the job. Could you take me the next step further please. I did do a search online but couldnt find any pictures of the bull nose.

I did buy yesterday a laminate flooring base plate which I could use the other way around and fit over the end with the return screwed into the vertical final stair.

to bring the carpet right back to the wall would split the laminate and lose the continuity so i would prefer not to do that.
I think mild means that you should change the nose of the stair ( the extra bit that projects over the vertical bit of the stair) and make it taller and wider so that the laminate can go under a recessed bit of it.

Could you not use a piece of laminate for this purpose and just create a nose at one end of it and then continue your laminating as before? I do believe you'd have to secure this piece to make sure it didn't move as it wouldn't be very safe otherwise. And then increase the expansion gap at the othe end.

I think the following might illustrate the point although I'm not sure how the American's managed to solve the thickness problem.


Have I confused things further?
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That link is fantastic, thanks guys why is it that the americans have allowed for all eventualities as it looks like that nosing is made of laminate and they have laminated the stairs as well. Why dont our flooring companies offer these materials.

Thanks a bunch yet again diynot finds the solution.

Peter :D

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