How to wire texecom premier impaq plus to 24w panel

think your almost there but its late

brown wire down into emty tamper terminal.

then check the flow starting with a wire that comes from the panel zone and follow it round as you look at the diagram does it flow correctly.

I am of to bed busy day tomorrow.
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so what i need is to connect to the panel
red cable to 12v auxiliary port
blue cable to 0v auxiliary port
brown and black to zone slots.

is there a difference what colour goes where as there is no other indenfications on it just Z 1
do i need to link all emty zones with 2k2 resistors
do i need to link with 2k2 the one i will be connecting in.
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The panel does not discriminate against colour.

its just the resistance between the two cables.

I am not so sure you shoud be installling an alarm based on that question but we all had to start somewhere, but taking on resistors as a big leap and especially a mutlipul resistor device with manually added resistors.

put a picture up, just been woken up by the gale blowing outside, will be back in bed in a few minutes
you dont need anything in the zones your not using, you just program them as not used.

you need power cables and two cables from the zone to the detector, then its making sure the detector is correctly wired.
Thats still wrong both in the panel (there should be no resistor there on the zone) and the bottom picture is wrong.

If your struggling with this you're going to struggle programming via the keypad, have you done any programming previously?


zones that are not used on your panel, can either have the 2k2 resistor in them or nothing at all.

In zone setup if you are not using a zone go to the zone and press no zero yes and it will say not used.

Your almost there.

Take a walk along the black cable from the panel, you come to alarm terminal, walk over the 4k7 bridge to the other terminal, across the green cable to the reed terminal, across that 4k7 bridge, I put my foot on the reed terminal with the 2k2 resistor in and walk across to the tamper terminal, I jump to the other tamper terminal and follow the brown wire back to the panel.

Think the story follows correctly, I am back out on a job, may be you should opt for a simplier option, I admire your determination to get this right and you are getting closer.
or maybe i need to cut wire in half and put another 4k2 in the middle?
sorry to be a pain i am bad with diagrams i rather someone tells me what wire to go into what slot. I should be better with programming

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