How to wire texecom premier impaq plus to 24w panel

10 Jan 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi can someone help me to wire premier impaq plus to the texecom 24w panel.

Connections on the impaq.

2x reed
2x temper
2x alarm

Not sure were these need to be connected in the panel.
Thank you.
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Page 31 of the Installation manual shows wiring. manual with panel either printed or on a CD.

End of line (EOL) 1st picture of two.

If your still struggling get an alarm installer to complete this for you.

Its basically, 4k7 across the alarm, 4k7 across the reed, 2k2 as the end of line resistor. use double pole/eol wiring type (default wiring type on premier).
You can replace them all with 3k3 resistors if you wish. You should have a pack of 4k7, 2k2 and 3k3 resistors provided with the alarm panel.

If you did this normally closed, you would need to wire the alarm and reed in series back to the zone and the tamper into the auxiliary tamper circuit and program the zone wiring type as normally closed

Power goes to the auxilary power terminals.
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at the moment you dont have the alarm linked to the reed.

or the 2k2 going from the reed to the tamper

and you have 4 wires excluding the power going back to the panel and you should have two.

This image was edited, originally it was two detectors, so there was another tamper, but in your case theresjust the one tamper, but two different sensors on the device that you are wiring.
Hi thank you for this but its confused me more.
Would you be able to tell me what wires go were.
Thank you
Hi Andy,

look at the circles, these represnt the terminals.

4k7 across alarm
4k7 across reed

a wire to link one to the other as per the diagram (solid black line)

2k2 resistor from the reed to the tamper

A wire back to the panel zone from the alarm terminal
A wire back from the tamper to the panel zone

Unfortunately thats all there is to it. at the moment you need to loose 2 wires.
link the alarm to the reed and a 2k2 from the reed to tamper.
did i got it right?
the reason i want on the same zone so i can arm front and back doors at night. the wired one is front door and i got wireless one on the back door so i want them on the same zone so i can arm just that zone or someting I understand it wrong.
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Try again !

It would be easier on a fault related issue to separate the two alarm sensors , you can use the existing 8 core cable ....
Have you programmed the panel yet as that will be fun for you ! :LOL:
okay you have the idea but unfortunatley its not right.

1 4k7 must go across the reed terminals R--4k7--R
1 4k7 must go across the alarm terminals A--4k7--A

1 alarm terminal needs linking to 1 reed terminal


the 2k2 resistor must have 1 leg in a tamper terminal and the other in 1 terminal of either the alarm or the reed.


do the above and then post your picture for the next step.

Then look at the diagram again and see if you can work out where the wires go back to panel zone.

It isnt the easiest thing to get your head round at first.

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