Texecom 48 Impaq Plus Wiring

2 Apr 2017
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United Kingdom
Guys, help I am struggling a little wiring an Impaq Plus with magnetic contact to a Texecom 48 panel. I am getting a resistance change on the shock zone1, however its not going to an active state only staying as secure, and I am not getting anything from the contact zone2, its stuck in an active state despite playing with the magnet position. Would someone mind sanity checking my setup, please.

Impaq - Cable Colour - Panel
Reed - Brown - Z2 Alarm
Reed - Orange - Z2 Alarm
Latch - unwired
Tamp - White - Z1 Tamp
Tamp - Green - Z1 Tamp
Alarm - Blue - Z1 Alarm
Alarm - Yellow - Z1 Alarm
0v - Black - 0v Aux
12v - Red - 12v Aux

Panel Z2 Tamp 1 & 2 not wired to anything ??

Z1 - Guard - Normally closed
Z2 - Entry/Exit 1 - Normally closed

Any assistance would be much appreciated, been banging my head against the wall for the last few hours on this one. I did do a bit of searching and was able to find that i need to link Zone2 tamp out, but not sure out to where?

Thanks, James
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Have you changed wire format from Eol to closed circuit in zone programming ?
How are you wiring the unit into the control panel ?
Post photo if unsure ?
Sorry for the delay coming back to you. Pictures attached.



I would remove the brown wires at the shock and A check at panel is it showing open if that's ok ,check at the shock terminals with multimeter with door open and closed ....could be a faulty reed
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Hi sparky,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Tried removing brown from both door sensor and panel but zone status is still active ??
If the wiring looks good i may try removing from the door and wiring direct to the panel. I did check the brown and orange cable and am getting continuity though... strange.
Excuse my simple mind on this sparky, but do I link both tamper terminals on the panel zone 3 to a global tamper on the panel?
Thanks Sparky, we have progress. I am now getting a resistance change when the magnet is moved away from the contact, however like the shock sensor, it's is not placing the zone in an active status, instead it is staying secure?
Changed zones to EOL wiring and now working as expected.
Thanks for your assistance.

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