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17 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
I have an old computer running windows xp and I have been tring to connect to the Internet but the (local area connection) icon is missing from the connections window
Could you tell me how to get this back or can I copy the file/driver from my other computer
Is there a way to reinstall windows back to the 1st install without the backup disc’s (lost)? I have other backup disc’s from my laptop but not sure if I can use these
Please keep it simple
Many thanks
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could you use the system restore, to restore back to an earlier date, before the problem occured
You need to go into My Network Places. First of all, try View Network Connections - if it's set up, then the LAN connection should show. If not, you need to Create a New Connection and the connection wizard will pop up. Click next, then you want to click the button for setup a home or small office network - IF YOU USE A ROUTER.

If you are using a modem that came with your internet service provider, they should have given you an installation disc and just by running that should sort out your connection and you'll have no need to go through the Network Connections.

Does that help? I'm pretty bad at explaining things.
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