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Ideal Boiler Flue Installation

Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by Gravyspoon, 13 Sep 2021.

  1. Gravyspoon


    23 Oct 2016
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    United Kingdom
    Evening all,

    I have an Ideal C24 HE Mini, and the tip of the boiler flue on the outside wall had disintegrated as it had gone brittle over the years. Decided it was best to have a new flue fitted, and understood that the tip of the flue was a part of the flue itself, and couldn't be replaced independently.

    Local Gas Safe chap came highly recommended having done work for family, and was very pleasant when he came to do it. He then left in a little bit of a hurry, but had other jobs, so thought nothing of it. Had chance to have a quick look before he left, and it was immediately obvious that the flue stuck out further than the original, so you could see the white pipe behind. I pointed it out, and he reassured me all was ok, so I took his word for it.

    About 20mins later, I popped back out for another look and spotted that some cable ties had been used on the end of the fitting. Basically, the end of the new flue was badly cracked, and he'd cable tied it up and gone on his way, clearly hoping I didn't notice. I immediately emailed him and he replied shortly after saying he would fix it.

    At this point, he's lost my trust, so I called Ideal's technical line this morning to query the white flue pipe sticking out of the wall. They were very helpful and said in no uncertain terms that no white pipe should be visible as this part is not weather or UV resistant. I assumed it was just a standard length part, but after lifting the lid on the outside bin later that evening, I found the end that had been chopped off. He'd obviously cut it wrong and hadn't bothered to re cut it.

    He's contacted me to say that he has sourced a new tip for the flue and he will fit it this week. Alarm bells are ringing however as I'm sure that I have read that this part is not replaceable independently of the flue. Can anyone confirm please? I don't want to end up with a bodge job.

    Credit where credit is due, he's offered to fix the end of it, although he obviously thought I was stupid and wouldn't notice, which has insulted me a little. I have requested that the length of it is also corrected and am awaiting a response, but I'm positive that this needs to be done.

    Could anyone help with the following please?
    - are flue tips generally replaceable on their own?
    - am I being unreasonable to request that it is removed, cut to the correct length and reinstalled correctly?
    - is there any reason why a flue can't be removed, cut and reinstalled? (Thinking seals etc)
    - would this technically be deemed as At Risk as it's not fitted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions?

    Thank you

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  3. muggles


    28 Oct 2005
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    United Kingdom
    Yes the terminal can be replaced, it's only a couple of screws holding it in place, but the flue does need to be cut to the correct length. Normally it's a black weathering collar on the outside too, not a white one. He might be best off buying a complete new flue and starting again

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