ideal he15 boiler

14 Dec 2014
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
hi can anyone offer any advice please i have a ideal he15 boiler when i try to switch it on the ignite light stays on for about 30 seconds then constantly flashes and no heat to radiators or hot water i would be gratefull for any advice
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Hi when the boiler switched on it keeps trying to light but then the ignition liight keeps flashing code c is in display box and will keep trying all day but no heat produced
Try reading some other threads.

We don't have crystal balls and can't see the type of system. system you have.

It could be anything from a guffed pump to Aliens in the header tank.

When we ask for details, we're hoping for a little more than a repeat of the opening post. ;)
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Obviously I will try another thread thpught this one was helpful people offering there viewsI hhave stated type of boiler and problem had 2 diffrent gas men down with 2 completely different diagnosis both costing any thing from 500 upwards but honestly didn't think I would get this attitude and rudeness of a so called friendly blog
HE15 doesn't tell us much about your boiler. Can I assume that its an Icos, and that the display is flashing?
Didn't think I was being particularly rude. I can certainly be more so if you like.

Other threads / faqs might give you an idea of what information we need and also what your problem might be.
sorry pete i thought he 15 was what you needed it is a ideal icos he15 boiler the display light does keep flashing as though it is trying to ignite i have looked at the pump it is vibrating and slightly warm when the boiler is trying to light it is a condenser boiler
it is making all the normal noises as to fire but then fails but the only fault code that comes up is c
To be honest, it can be a number of things with these troublesome boilers and all of then require professional attention as the fault probably lies within the burner chamber. PCB failure is another weak point on these. Water seeping into the control panel, I could go on. If it fails to light, then I'm surprised you're not getting a fault code, Say L/F. No diy gas advice is permitted on this open forum. I'm sorry not to be more positive, but I would call a reputable company let then have a go.
Thanks for your help I have had 2engineers down one from b g I was told by one it was gas valve by the other the pump but thanks anyway
I would go with BG. They will fix it AND offer a warranty on their repairs. Would not suspect the pump, but only way to diagnose is to be in front of boiler. Good luck with whoever you chose.
Thanks I do appreciate your help would not attempt the repairs my self was just after some advice some not all work men see a woman and think they can charge what ever they like
The C isn't a fault code. It means there is something calling for heat. As said if it tries to ignite and fails it should go to LF or similar. Could be a number of things.
Have a ferret around in the airing cupboard. I would suspect the pump. Check to see if pipes are hot both sides of the pump. Can you hear it running?

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