indesit wi101

15 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
my 3 year old indesit wi101 has started making a loud banging noise when in the spin cycle and we are also finding bits of plastic shavings in the washing in the drum after it has finished. Could somebody enlighten me as to what the problem is. I thought maybee the bearings had gone but im not to sure please please please can somebody help if they have heard of this before
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Bearings and possibly broken spider.
Plastic shavings are from the outer tub so you may be looking at bearings, inner drum complete with spider, outer tub and tub seal.
My advice would be cut your losses and get a new machine. Those Indesits are very poorly made. :(
noooooo just not what i wanted to hear :( ohh well thanks for the replys i kinda new it wasnt good news when it started making the noises it did,it sounded like the drum was bouncing round inside. Well the other half will be pleased she wont have to do any washing till its repaced :D thanks peeps
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Same problem here, it sounds like something hitting the inside of the plastic outer drum, right hand side towards the back - no sign of bits in the drum tho!

It there anyway to strip enough of the drum out to see if anything has come loose between the outside of the inner drum and the static outer plastic casing???

I have had a quick look about for a schematic for this machine but to no avail. any pointers much appreciated!!!

Many thanks!
Check if the concrete blocks are secure. Sometimes banging noises are simply due to the screws holding these blocks having worked loose.
Thanks for that thought Fidom;

I did hope that it would be something as simple as that when I started, the blocks are secure, the shocks are still attached although i guess after a few years hard work they may not be as effective as they once were but there is no obvious sign of the drum fouling anything externally and the noise does seem to be from within the outer drum.

The machine still works and does not make the noise every time its used but not knowing what has happened means i dont know wether its safe to keep using it or that this is a warning to stop now before major damage is done like throwing the drum into orbit through my roof!
its a small object, coin washer etc, i once found a knife (and yes it split the outer tub)
Thanks for that Breezer, i suppose there could be an object loose in there but how do I get to it!! Its also now started leaking water onto the floor so not sure if the outer drum has now been split! If no ideas by Tuesday I guess I will be looking for a new machine!
easiest way to get stuff out is via the pump / tub connection, i have removed socks, bra wires, coins, washers.

easiest way to check for leak is to look for a hole / damaged / broken pipe

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