indesit widl126 washer dryer flashing lights PLEASE HELP !

7 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi can anybody help with my indesit washer dryer widl126 It keeps filling with water and i have replaced the pressure switch and now the front panel card but it is still the same and the leds are flashing ,the lock red light is flashing fast and the time delay is flashing every second .
regards robroys24
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Do not know if this will help or not (courtesy of rocks 1): Indesit WIDL Codes

See also Hotpoint WF & some WD, left hand lights from top to bottom or digital display.(next page)

widl codes - light flashing from left to right are numbers 1-4

f01 light 4, motor triac
f02 light 3 motor, jammed/ tacho
f03 lights 3&4 Ntc fault
f04 light 2. pressure sw stuck on empty
f05 lights 2&4, pressure sw stuck on full
f06 lights 2&3, N/A?
f07 lights 2&3&4 heater relay
f08 light 1. heater relay
f09 lights 1&4 eprom/setup error
f10 lights 1&3, pressure switch not sensing
f11 lights 1&3&4, pump/draining error
f12 lights 1&2, communication error
f13 lights 1&2&4, dryer ntc/ fan motor
f14 lights 1&2&3, dryer heater
f15 lights 1&2&3&4, dryer heater relay
f16 N/A
f17 light 4, door lock
f18 light 3 comms error (3 phase motor) power board

f1 and f17 share the same light
Thanks for that .
By the codes that would be no.1 heater relay but why would that make the m/c keep filling with water ?.
Also do you know where the heater relay is situated Many thanks Robroy
heater relay is on the pcb ,at the back rear of mc.if it keeps filling presure chamber could be blocked or waste pipe down to low,check that the connections on pcb are tight .
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Thanks rocks1.
ive checked the waste pipe and i have that just in using the u thing also no loose bits near the heater relay .
Took the new pressure switch off blew down the tube just got bubbles checked the filter clean as a whistle.
Now put the old pressure switch back on and tried a hot wash filled up ok but can't hear heater at all and the wash seems to just stick chugging away so i put the dial to drain and that started ok then as the water level went down the number 1 light started to flash with the fast lock light and it all stuck there .
So i am now lost ? i think it looks like i might just aswell buy a new one . regards robroy
check the heater at the rear could be open circuit
Thanks for that ,i bought a multi tester and did the continuity check and i put the test leads on the heater terminals and the buzzer went off and this happened when the m/c was off or on .
Does that mean the heater is u/s ? Thanks Robroy .
unplug mc then take the 3 wires off the heater and test if it bleeps its ok if no sound its naff .
Hi Rocks1. Thanks i took the wires off and tested the heater and it buzzed and gave a figure of 31.3
Is there anything else it could be as i tried it again yesterday and the same thing happens it fills so far goes off and looks and sounds good then a few minutes later it starts to put more water in until it nearly reaches the top and then it stars to empty and it just keeps pouring the water in as fast as it empties .
i then turn it off and let it stand for a few minutes and then put it on empty and it drains out and then the lights start to flash no.1 and the lock light . If i try a spin it does the same starts to go then stops and just chuggs with the same lights flashing ? any other idea's or am i sunk .
Thanks again Robroy
heater tests ok going by your readings ,you pcb is gone heater relay has had it on the board .emw will exchange pcb for about 40 quid next day del .or scrap it
Hi rock1 .
i would like to say many thanks for your help mc now up and running again all ok .
Thanks again regards Robroy

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