Indesit WIDL126S Dryer Fault - F13 error

29 May 2012
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United Kingdom
My indesit WIDL126S is not drying.

The heating element is fine, I though at first it might be the thermal fuse but, having bypassed it, I get the same problem.

The drum goes round but after a short while i get flashing lights 1,2,4 + door lock. I believe this is error code F13 - dryer ntc/ fan motor.

The machine is almost 5 years old but still washes fine. Is it worth fixing?

Is the ntc the black round looking plug on top of the heater box? How can I check if this is the problem?
am assuming the fan motor is below the heater box containing the heating element and fan? Is this easy to get to with torx set?
To check the fan motor - would it be safe to run the machine with the top of the heater box off?

Any advice would be most helpful, thanks.
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To test the fan motor. Put your finger on the spindle on the fan motor. If it spins motor is fine. Then split heater box and remove fluff from fan blades. While heater box is off flush the condenser though with the cold hose to clear the fluff. Make sure door is shut otherwise you will get wet feet.
thanks rocks for getting back to me so quickly!
fan blade has been replaced and I have flushed water through the hole under the fan to remove any fluff (the condenser, i hope!)

with the machine on, I cannot feel the spindle on the dryer motor turning (i have attached a photo and assume the spindle is in the middle of the round silver part on the right which feeds through to the fan blade)


Should the spindle start spinning immediately when the dryer was started or would it only engage after elements had heated for a while? Maybe a stupid question but i tested the motor spindle after i'd removed the fan blade - would this make a difference i.e. some kind of safety cut-out?
Yes that's the spindle on top. It should start spinning within 2 mins of starting on the dry cycle. If the fan don't move then you need a new fan.
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thanks, have ordered a new fan - is it very likely that both the fan AND the ntc would break down at the same time? how would i check the ntc?
Have you got power on the 2 black leads to the fan. It plugs onto the pcb. The Ntc won't be faulty if the fans not running.
shall check the black leads tomorrow, thanks
what does the pcb look like?
do i need any special tools to replace the fan motor?
No tools just a torx set to split heater box and a 5 mm socket and 11 mm. The fan unscrews in reverse. Pcb is at the back of the cabinet bottom right remove the rear white cover.
Have replaced the fan motor to no avail. There's power to only one of the two black leads. Removed the black leads from the PCB and both leads have continuity.
a problem with the PCB?
hmmm....thought that might be the case. Have found a supplier who sells programmed PCB for £60. Do I Remove the full unit (including the white housing) or does just the board come out?
EMW. Is the PCB the only other likely problem? Is there a way to check the PCB IS faulty? Dont want to throw good money after bad.
Check the connector on the wiring loom is touching the pcb connector . Ones got power the other hasn't it seems strange that one part of the loom works but the other one didn't , but you have continuity on both when removed. Turn the plug round if you can and try the other side for power. If that's all ok then yes pcb is shot. I think they only charge 5.00 to check pcb. If its not faulty they will tell you.

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