Indesit WIDL126 washer dryer not heating when drying

9 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

I have an Indesit WIDL126 washer dryer, 3 years old. It is washing fine and has no error codes however the dryer is not heating up when setting it to dry the clothes.

I think it needs a new dryer element:-

However I have opened it up and the element seems to be in a sealed unit with some star type screws I cannot open as do not have the correct tool for the job.

Is this so I have to call out an Indesit engineer or is there a way round it?

Also do you agree with me that it sounds like it is the dryer element?

I dont want to purchase a new machine if it is something I can easily replace.

Thanks in advance.

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To add further to my post. My other half tells me the electrics fused last night during the wash cycle so does that mean it could be something else that has gone faulty?

It seems to let you choose any cycle and is showing no error lights and seems to be working fine just not heating.

Thanks again in advance...
Yes that's wot u want. Go to a motor factors ie halfords and get a torx set cost about a tenner. Undo the screws and ur in.
Thanks rocks1, just ti
o make sure, I have been reading a bit more on this and are you sure its not the thermal fuse that at may have blown, hence the electrics fusing? Or is it definately the heating element? I dont want to buy the wrong part. Thanks.
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elements are very strong on these machines so i would check thermosat and fuse before buying element
You said it tripped the fuse box then yes the heater will cause this. It's very common. I change at least 4 a week u can always check it with meter to be sure.
Thanks again rocks1. Would the washing machine normally still wash and spin just now with heat when the element has gone? I will get a torx set today and order the element. Thanks :p

Will post how I get on!!!
Yes wash will be ok. Dryer won't work ,when you remove torx screws look at the element it will be blown apart .
yep thats right untill you replace heater.
Hi there. How did you get on in the end? I have the same problem but mine was caused due to over filling the drum with water. The water leaked from the drum inside the machine and then all over the kitchen. I manages to get the machine up and running by drying out the pcb's after inspection. When i tuned the dryer on it gave a burning smell after a minute or so and the the machine went into error mode. Now the machine works perfectly but wont dry the clothes. The fan come's on in dryer mode but not heat... What should I check first guys?
Check the heater on the heater box and themal fuse. With a meter. Or continuity tester.
Hi Rocks

You'll have to explain where these items are. I am familiar with the machine as i have left it open.. Thanks!
On the heater box which is on top of the drum you should see a yellow wire cased in cloth that's the thermal fuse. The heater is the two nuts next to it brass looking size of a 50p piece
Hi Rocks Thanks!!!

What am i looking for when I take it out? Does it look like a house fuse, car fuse etc?

Should take the heater out also and what am i looking for?


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