Indesit WIDL126 filling with water even when swicthed off

25 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi There

I have an Indesit WIDL126 that is about 7 years old. I came home today to find that it had filled with water & as the door was ajar there was a mess on the floor. I swiftly closed the door & ran a drain cycle that cleared it. I then noticed that with the soap depenser out water is slowly dripping again with the washer off. Am I right in thinking this is likely to be the fill valve:,70202,70206,70223,70305

I assume the machine takes two of these, one for hot & one for cold?

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Thanks for the reply. These seem quite cheap, are they easy to fit? It looks like it is just inside the housing where the water inlets attach so I assume access it via the top?
Yes vey easy. Remove the lid and the valves are held on by 2 screws. then they just pull off.
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Great thanks for the advice. I'll get testing to work out if it is hot or cold & order off eBay; they are only just over a tenner.

Is this a common fault/part to go on this or other models?
Very common , it used to be caused by sand / grit in the water supply and letting water by.
Funny you should mention the grit/sand; I have just taken the lid off & can see there is a separate hot & cold value & that they are different designs.

I whipped them both out & the hot one seemed to be giving, as it was bubbling when I was blowing into the inlet. I then rigged up a quick test pipe off the garden tape & tried them both & neither hot or cold valve seem to be letting by. Could this have been a bit of grit or sand or is likely to go again?
Could have been. Try it see if it cures it.
It was definietly the hot valve that was gone; after closer inspection & leaving it connected to the rig for a few minutes it started to give/leak.

I ordered a new one but it came through with a different connection block. I managed to remove the one from the broken one & it is now fitted. How can I now test it; the washing machine seems to be working fine but the boiler does not tend to fire up at any point indicating that hot is being called. Is there a test program or a particular cycle that will call for hot supply?

Stick your finger in the dispenser when it's filling. Thats where you put the soap it should be hot or feel the inlet pipe when filling. You might have the pipes switched over.
Pipes are definitely the correct way around & the water running into the tray is hot. My combi is not firing up at all.

I have just connected the old valve & just left it on the top of the water machine to see if it opens when a program is started & it doesn't either. Am confused now as all seems ok but just no hot.

Could I borrow the cold electrical connection to check it; i.e. get the washing machine to fill with hot when it thinks it cold. If so what connector is it as there are three valves on the cold side?

I just plugged the blue cold feed cable into the hot valve & sure enough the valve engages & the washing machine fills with hot water.

This can either mean that the washing machine simply is not calling hot water for all the cycles I have tried or there is another fault meaning hot water is not being demanded.
It only calls for hot on 40 /60/ 90 wash. Poss your tank has loads of hot water.
I've tried the washing machine on all different settings; 40, 90 etc etc & non seem to call for hot. I have a combi boiler so there is no hot water tank to pull from, it is heated as demanded.

I just metered the cold vs the hot on a 90 wash & sure enough the cold jumps to 200+ volts when the cycle starts yet the hot just sits there no change; so as far as the washing machine is concerned no hot is required. So when is hot water asked for??? Maybe mid wash, do I need to let it run a whole cycle??
Hot water only enters in the first minute at the start that takes the soap down. After that rinse comes on and that's cold water

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