Installed new showerhead..Now dripping sound in wall

1 Jul 2011
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United Kingdom
After I use shower there is drip sound for over ten minutes in wall behind shower. Then it stops. This happens with hot or cold(did ten minute test) so not due to expansion. House is 33 years old.

I changed old, conventional shower-head to one with a handheld shower wand and now when I turn off water there is *drip drip drip* sound in wall for ten minutes then it stops. I took off head and let water flow and there is no drip sound. I would go get another shower head with wand but I am thinking it has something to do with the design of the wand. Perhaps water flow is impeded somehow from draining due to head elevation so it drains back DOWN the pipe instead of out of the head or the tub spout below.

Any help?? I tried everything I read on boards so far except changing heads completely. I love my wand head and never had problem before.
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Probably been leaking for a long time but now you have fitted a more restricted head when you turn it off it holds more water back hence the dripping, when it's dripping remove the head and I bet it will run a fair bit of water out of the hose.
Remove whole unit or just pull down arm to see if it drips (it does drip water after water turned off)?I Will remove whole unit but I bet your right. Seems like water for showerhead arm (this is one of those remoavble heads) holds alot of water at end of shower and it drains backwards...but I know thats not right.
Big question. How do I find the leak? What forum do I go to here? I can access only behind faucet as this is fiberglass tub. Seemed dry when I put new faucet stem in but some mold/mildew was present. Help! Trying to rent this room out and hitting major roadblocks.

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