Installing A Shower Cubicle

2 May 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi All
I am about to install my shower cubicle but i have lost the instructions (Doh)

The walls are tiled, shower tray is in place so all i have to do is up it all together.

I have built the cubicle, kind of two straight sides with a curve for the door already and i have two channels which need fixing the to already tiled walls at the edge.

The question that i have is, what is the order of fixing?

Attach one of the channels to the wall and fix the other one in-situ or fix them both up and put the cubible into these.

I am a bit confused as i cannot see how the cubible stays inside these channels?

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The cubicle is for a quadrant, i am quite sure that i can fix the channels its the fixing of the cubicle into the channels that i am going to be stuck on.
I would have thought that there might be some movement if these are not secured into the channels but for the life of me cannot work out how these get secured to these.
Where did you buy it from, I would personally go to the store and tell them the fitting instructions were missing from the box. They will get you a copy.
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On most (not all) shower enclosures, the channels are screwed to the walls, The glass sides are then fixed to the channels . Usually the glass sides have an aluminium edging which is wide enough to allow for slightly out of plumb walls. Once installed a bead of clear silicon is run up the joint between channel and wall, and channel and sides to seal the edges. ;) ;)
Whats the normal way of securing the glass inside the channels, i did notice some strange looking screws but i would have thought that the only way to secure these would be by screwing something in from the side of the channel but there are no holes in the channel to follow, are these normally done without holes ie you make them yourself?
Not all cubicles are the same, so would be difficult to explain.
If you post pictures of what you have, better advice might be available.
But I would go back to the store for the correct instructions for this unit.
Providing it came from a store that is?
The holes in the channels should be pre-drilled.
The channels are drilled but only at the back for securing to the wall. I will have another look for the instructions for this one. i am sure that there must be a way to secure the glass into the channel, unless silicone is the way to secure it.
Usually supplied with small self tapping screws, you may need to drill 2-3mm pilot hole thru the channel to secure the unit to wall channels.
They are usually done from the inside and plastec screw caps should be included to hide the screws.Silicon is applied to the inside of the wall channel to prevent leakage, pay special attention to sealing the base of channel.

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