installing land drains

20 May 2008
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West Lothian
United Kingdom
Hi guys the bottom of my garden is like a swamp due to all the rain over the winter, I want to install a land drain and have a rough idea how to go about it what I need to know is can I attach the land drain to my rain water down pipe if so is there any particular way it should be done ?

I plan to pave half of the garden and just chip the other half, would it be worth laying the drain under the paving or just make sure I lay the paving at a slight angle to allow the watter to run off in to the areas with drainage ?

any advice would be greatly appreciated
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I wouldn't connect land drain to the water drains. don't know the legalities but im sure there would be some chance of fouling the system or indeed clogging the pipes with silt etc...
Have you considered a large french drain or as i have done, Install a row of drains all leading to a low point in which you can build a large soakaway or divert it to an area where trees/bushes are present.
Mine has been down a few weeks now and the trees at the bottom of the garden are growing really well and looking healthy.
The lawn has recovered and a heavy downpour now results in a slight squelch rather than a quagmire.
dont run a land drain under paving as it will sink. and you shouldn't really run a land drain into your rain water gullies but if you do replace your gully with a bottle trap with removable centre, then you can periodically empty out the silt.
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The problem I have is that I have neighbours either side of me and and the garden is on two tiers, when I say the bottom of the garden I mean the area closest to the house which is the lowest area where my problem is, the top raised half of the garden is fine.

The lowestt area is over shaddowed by the house and only gets couple of hrs sun before it moves to the top of the garden.

the lower half of the garden is very thick clay and takes forever to dry, in fact is hasen't dryed out fully since last summer before the big down pour started.

any suggestions ??

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