Insulated plasterboard narrower than recess

10 Dec 2018
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United Kingdom

I am fixing insulated plasterboard to 2 chimney recesses in a bedroom, however the boards (provided at 120cm wide) are about 5cm narrower than the recessed wall, meaning there will be a gap between the board and the chimney breast.

The only way around this i can see is to cut the boards lengthways, rather than using them as provided, however this creates 2 problems - there will be 2 joints between the cut boards as the ceilings are quite high so i'll need 3 sections (2 large sections and a final section at the top), and also the way the plasterboard is stuck to the insulation creates a slight overhang of plasterboard, which will result in a 2-3mm gap between sections of board, thus creating a potential cold spot.

Has anyone else experienced this?

The alternative is to stick the whole board in one piece, and fill the 5cm gap on the side with something else?
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