insulating a shed. Have I got it right?

26 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
I have read quite a few posts on this topic, but always find it a bit tricky to visualise the advice so I've done a little model. (See Pic) Can anyone please tell me if I've got all the materials in the right order or even if I've got the right materials? I'm completely new to DIY and it could be a very costly novice's mistake.

The shed is going to be a play room. It is 20' x 10'. If I've got it right, do I apply the same method/materials to walls and roof?

Your help is much appreciated.

The picture shows

1 shed wall
air gap between 1 and 3
2 batons that come with shed
3. some kind of insulation (kingspan boards maybe)
4. polythene sheet as dampproof membrane
5. ply lining.
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I would ditch the damproof lining - you shouldn't need it. Apart from that leave a small gap at the top to allow the walls to breathe, also if you do the roof allow a small gap to allow condenstation to run out
I'm no builder but have been looking a ttis subject one way or another for a while

Looks to me s of the outside walls are ply. Why not a warm roof type construction? Effectively placing kings span on the outside and finding something to over clad the shed (say timber lap wall felt roof). Stucture would then be from out to in - outside covering - breather paper - insulation (kingspan) - existing shed wall - battons
I used rockwool as it's cheap and easy to fit and polythene between insulation and outer skin [you want to keep insulation dry]. Good ventilation will then avoid condensation.
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Same here (rockwool), but use breathable membrane on the outside of the insulation, poly on the inside. kingspan etc. will not need any membranes but will cost £££ more than mineral wool.

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