Insulating garage ceiling under bedroom (asbestos ceiling)?

20 Sep 2013
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United Kingdom
I've got a bedroom above the garage which gets very cold. I've already insulated the loft above the bedroom, and I've got new thick underlay and carpet down on the floor of the bedroom.
I was thinking about insulating the garage ceiling, and looking at the best way to do this. The current ceiling looks like plywood, but I remember in the survey that the surveyor said it was asbestos.
Consequently, I'm not keen to drill any holes or mess around with the ceiling.
I was thinking of using celotex boards, and just sticking them to the existing ceiling using a grab adhesive (instafix or similar). Does that sound reasonable?
Also, there is a strip light in the garage. Can I just board around the light, or do I have to run the wires through the boards and fix it underneath?
Any help/ideas greatly appreciated.
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I was thinking of using celotex boards, and just sticking them to the existing ceiling using a grab adhesive (instafix or similar). Does that sound reasonable?
Sounds bonkers although you are on the track regards insulation.

Will post some more in a mo'.
"Sounds bonkers" was enough to delay be from sticking the boards up! What's wrong with that approach?
I doubt the adhesives you mentioned will be suitable, or any others unless you supplement with mechanical fixings.

Fixing with foam may yield the best results but even this would require propping 'till set and then adding fixings after.

Are you going to fix plasterboards?
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I wasn't going to plasterboard as it's only a garage, so I don't care what the ceiling looks like. As I think the ceiling is asbestos I don't think I can drill into it to put brackets up (that was why I thought instafix might do the trick). I suppose I could batten around the sides, but that still wouldn't support the celofax boards in the middle. Any ideas greatly received!
Have been working with asbestos sheeting since the early 50s and providing you are sensible, in our opinion it is no more dangerous than crossing the road.
However if you are of the nandy pandy school then bolt a 50x100 bearer each side, new 50x100 joists on jiffy hangers and mechanically fix celotex to new joists.
Preferably PL4000 skimmed to keep your 30min fire protection.
Regards oldun
Thanks for the tips.
I'd say I was more clueless in terms of asbestos than nandy pandy - I don't know which is worse!
From what you're saying it sounds like I might be making more fuss than I need to due to the asbestos. I'd much rather just screw the boards straight onto the asbestos (wearing a mask) as it would be a lot quicker, assuming there's nothing fundamentally flawed.

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