Introduce Yourself...

Name~ Craig
Age~ 40
Status~ Married, (together 26yrs) Three grownup daughters.
Location~Heywood, lancashire
Job~ Self-employed domestic gas and commercial catering eng
Hobbies~ Golf, football, wine women and song
Likes~ Stella, red wine, holidays and foriegn food.
Dislikes~Pressent government, smoking policy, taxes, accountants (eldest is one :eek: ) and CHANCERS :evil: :evil: :evil:

:cool: IIIIIIIII Thankyou ;)
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Name: Simon

Age: 41

Location: Stockport

Status: Married (2nd time)- 3 sons, 8, 4 & 3, all from 2nd marriage.

Job: Electrician (also 2nd career). My first serious career was as a Food Scientist.

Hobbies: DIY (except plumbing!)

Interests: Learning more about computers.

Likes: eating (!), driving

Dislikes: change weekly, but a long-standing one is drivers using front fogs when it's not foggy. And thinking they look cool. Without realising they actually look like total to$$ers. And inconsiderate ones at that.

While I'm on motoring, I also dislike drivers who park facing on-coming traffic at night while leave their headlights on. That means drivers face headlights from both sides of the road, which is exceedingly distracting.
Hi to everyone here at Diynot.
A little about myself.
Steve Fletcher
Im Male, aged 52.
Married with 2 Sons.
Born in Stockport.
Lived in the Peak District until I was 20.
Lived in Aberdeen since then.
Support Man United.
Love Motor Bikes but for the last 5 years been driving a
Twist n go Scooter to beat the traffic. Best things since sliced bread.
Its a 300CC Aprilia Leonardo. 84MPH and 70 MPG, straight up.
Also got a car for the bad days.
Enjoy wine at night but only 3 units, ahem.
Enjoy Gardening, being outside, Diy and watching most sports.
Now someone can clone me, steal my identity and rob my bank account.
Hope to be around the forum for a while.
Oh, a bit of a Bowie fan also, tried to get user name Ziggy but
someone already get it, damn.
Bye for now.
Ziggy S.
Name Chris

Age 50

Retired Old Bill, (30 years in Army and West Country Police). Now a Jobbing handyman for my elderly neighbours.

Married , 1 Girl, 29 1 Boy, 27.

Hobbies - Reading Sci-Fi, Long walks with my dogs, and any Sport.

Interests. History, Geography and anything else ending in Y.

Dislikes - Corrupt Politicians, double standards and arrogance, rich footballers, Supermarkets and the fact that this country is losing it's identity.

Likes. The Sopranos, Winston Churchill and the Countryside.
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Name: Matt
Age: 26
Location: Wakefield UK
Status: Live with GF (Melanie)
Job: Technician / Data cabling
Hobbies: ebay!
Interests: Defense, politics

Pet Hates: People chatting in doorways and on stairwells when your carrying loads of heavy gear
Name ; Chris

Age ; 51

Location ; Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

Status ; Married 4 kids, 11, 8, 6, 7 months

Job ; Builder

Hobbies ; Karate Instructor, ju jitsu, aikido, I fancy trying kendo next

Interests ; History, metal detecting, at the moment researching pirates, keeping healthy

Likes ; Honesty, loyalty, looking for business opportunities, Cardiff City

Dislikes ; Drugs, bullies, pratts

Ambitions ; All my kids with their own businesses, another black belt, to see Cardiff in the FA cup final, one of my students winning a Kyokushin Knockdown competition. ( bare knuckle fighting )
Ambitions ; All my kids with their own businesses,

Perhaps they may not want their own business, maybe they won't be suited to running one. You're their mentor, and as such you should be supporting them to do what they want, not pressurising them to do something that pleases you.

Most businesses fail.
Name : Phil
Area : East Riding of Yorkshire NOT Humberside
Age : 36
Kids : 1 son 2 next month
Status : Married 12 years
Job : Sparky 20 years cum part time Chimney sweep 3 years
Dislikes : Rude self opinionated prats who dont know what they are talking about, parking attendants.
Likes : Most things really im prettey chilled
Fave alcholic drink : Real Ales
Name : Darren.
Area : East Riding of Yorkshire.
Age : 43.
Kids : Three Sons, 22, 29 & 30. All working. Not from my loins though, they're too ugly :LOL: And our lass has got 7 years on me.
Status : Living in Sin for 22 years :eek: get less than that for murder.
Job : BT Cable Jointer, (apprentice trained) for 13 years, currently working for Contractor, not BT for last 14 years.
Dislikes : Pointless arguments, people who rave on about stuff they don't know anything about, Bike Thieves Illegal immigrants ( sorry asylum seekers ) :evil:
Likes : Sci-Fi, Heavy Metal, Bikes, DIY, BEEEER !!
Fave Drink : Caffreys
Fave Food : Anything :D
Fave Quote : I am Homer of Borg. Resistance is ................hmmmmm DOUGHNUTS
Name- Carl
Age - 65 Plus Tax.
Location -Ottawa Canada
Status- Married 42 yrs (same woman) 2 Boys (men) 37 & 40
Hobbies- Fishing country walks travelling, bbq (steak beer & wine, I make
my wine ), listening to 50-60 music.
One trip to England ,London & Walton on Nayes one hour north of london on coast.
semi-retired tool and die maker Fire extinguisher bus. Like to try hand at most anything .
Dislikes--- SNOW SNOW My front lawn has 5ft on it 8ft in the piles no
kidding, 29cm yesterday more to come this saturday.
Name: Kyle Kynaston
Age: 21 (22 in a few days!)
Living with G/F for 4 years (bought our house together last year) & our border collie b.itch
Location: Market Drayton, Shropshire
Occupation: Network Admin
Interests: DIY (Mainly Electrics), cars, sat systems, IT,
Stuff Im Working On ATM:
Garden Landscaping, Decorating spare room, tiling kitchen etc etc
Goals: To work for myself :D
My turn.
Name: Englebert Takeadump.

Age: Knackered.

Location: On my p.c boring you to death with irrelevance.

Status: Single with no friends & just this broken down monitor & a can of peeled plum tomatoes ( garlic flavoured).

Job: Failed comic.

Hobbies: Picking / collecting fluff out of bellybutton.

Interests: English Literature, Nostradamus Prophecies & Bee keeping.

Likes: Wine, women & song.

Dislikes: Running out of wine, running out of women & unable to find a decent Irish Trio at 3.30 on a Monday morning.
Conny, (Spelt the MALE way),
Scouser,and proud of it.
52 been married to J for just over 34 years and still love her to bits.
2 grown up kids, 3 G/kids 3, 3, and 8months, they are my world!
Armature winder/electrical fitter by trade but have tried my hand at various hings over the years.
Likes. making people laugh and don't mind them laughing at me. (Whats the point in getting up if you can't make someone smile?)

Dislikes. Not much except, politics, bad drivers and racists.

Drink. Lager, decent stuff not Heineken! and Baileys. The occassional Vodka & Orange.
Eats. Good old English grub.
Name: Andy

Age: 40 :confused:

Location: Norwich

Status: Single (after 13 year 'term') + one cat

Job: Powertrain Engineer (Lotus Engineering)

Hobbies: 'DIY' :rolleyes:

Interests: Hot rods, drag racing, gadgets, movies

Likes: eating :D, sun

Dislikes: Reality TV, poor driving, cold
Name: Roy (OB)

Age: 47

Location: London (originally from Northern Ireland)

Status: have partner of 8 years, she has 3 grown up kids I have son of 12 and we have 2 grandkids and another one on the way

Job: IT desktop tech covering 5 Palaces in London/Surrey including Tower of London, Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace

Hobbies: Football (my beloved Man City), reading

Likes: cake, beer, chips and choclate (never too early for any of these)

Interesting fact: I think I can tell a funny story/joke when prompted about any subject (wll I think they are funny)
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