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24 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
I am about purchase a cctv with 8 cameras. Can someone please recommend a stable and robust system.
The plan is to purchase NVR cctv system with a PoE cameras able to provide HD or 4k quality Audio video.

I am about to ask electrician to pre wire cat6 cables all over the house in readiness and future proof the internet to cat6 standard to allow up to 10gbps of data exchange.

There are swann system which is coming up in a number of searches but trustpilotreviews are extremely appalling.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
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Hikvision camera’s are good. If you don’t have a home NAS a couple of synology NAS stations will allow you to store you video and have a backup and store all your files. Plus you can remotely access them.

however most of the low end NAS boxes only have a 2 camera license each.
Stay away from Swann,poor quality and nothing but trouble.
We always install Hikvision equipment. Good quality equipment range of cameras to suit your requirements and warranty to back that up.
You will need to work out what cameras you need to get the best coverage.
Siting the cameras in the correct positions is important.
they work well in combination with flood lighting, particularly if you using smart storage options.
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If its wired in Cat6 then use IP cameras is sensible, whilst you can use baluns to convert the signal to analogue cameras it can introduce other issues to deal with.

Also the fps on analogue for anything above 4MP/5MP for recording is significantly limited although the live stream will be at a higher rate, you can check the specifications of the NVR/DVR for its capabilities. You need to be recording 12fps as a minimum to get a visual smoothish image, the higher the frame rate the better for faster moving objects.

You have to be aware that pixel density (IP) is the important thing at the distance furthest away you want to identify someone.
Lighting, low light cameras may still need light to obtain a full colour image, the likes of color vu cameras have white light leds so if on they can illuminate the area, currently the resolution of these cameras are limited to 4/5MP analogue and 4MP IP. Dark fighter, some models have very low light requirements.

The question then comes about your budget and realistic for 8 x 8MP(4K) the cameras alone for IP come to £1K plus.

Upload speeds are the biggest factor when it comes to what resolution you can review remotely.
Agree you can cut down on cameras by the correct placing, however I would still have the cables run and you have a little more flexibility later.

As for optimal you have to decide on the risk and what you want covered and what function the CCTV is to perform.

Stability of CCTV depends on build quality of each component.
The quality and routing of the cable (interference and pressure/stress on the cable).
Quality of the HDD (surveillance grade rather than PC grade).
The cameras.

Then it comes down to correct installation and useage.
Heat (covered on here before regarding NVR/DVR and lofts)
Use of indoor cameras outside (check IP ratings)
if using domes, may want to consider rain covers.

Don't forget cameras are not identical, resolution is only one factor.
FOV as mentioned on here before affects the pixel density and lower resolution cameras can have a higher pixel density based on there field of view than a higher resolution camera.

It is possible to get 2 different 8MP cameras fitted with a 2.8mm lens but the field of view to be significantly different.

Lighting is very important and often not considered properly. the lower the lux value the better it can cope with low lighting conditions, you should see a lux value for colour, monochrome and with and without IR or white light on the camera.

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