Please recommend CCTV POE setup

29 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi, I'm planning on setting up CCTV around my house with IP Camera's with POE.

A Few questions

- Im looking at external grade CAT6 Ethernet cable that is waterproof and UV resistant. There is also the option to buy a Shielded version of this cable for a bit more money. Do I need this ?

- What IP cameras do you recommend ? I already have an indoor UCam 1080p IP camera that can record to my NAS and I can watch from my phone, PC and tablet. I plan to have the external ones watching my driveway, back garden, and also the front door but UCam don’t do a POE version. Would I be able to use camera's from different manufactures under the same monitoring software?

- I would also like a 7" CCTV monitor that can be installed near my door so I can see who is at the door without having to open it. Can one be recommended ?

Thanks in advance
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Its not possible to say what you need.

If every situation was the same, they would have the same type of cable for the job and not a choice.

100% copper cores is best, shielded is better than unshielded, and armoured is for greater protection. You can get away with some types of cable for a job, based on length, sources of interference, weather etc

If the cost i only small I would opt for the shielded / screened, it can be a little harder to use with the foil and drain wires but should give you peace of mind.

There is lots of cameras and you have not mentioned the sort of budget.
Not everyone has experience with everything out there or more specifically in your budgets range.
thanks for the reply.

I'd be happy to pay around £170 a camera, must be PoE and hope it works alongside my current UCAM indoor camera with the same monitoring software.
Adata do some impressive NVR and IP cams for the price point. Pricing being open to negotiation.

I would opt for netgear PoE switches though, more power, and cheaper than the adata unbranded ones.
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Just be careful to check the specs on the cameras. At work we got a camera for someone, and it worked fine until it got dark when it crashed. Turned out the power requirement with IR illuminator on was more than the PoE could supply. I wasn't involved BTW ;)

Also, be aware that there is "PoE" and "PoE" - and some vendors don't tell you what they are doing. The cheap way is to just push power down two pairs of wires - and this normally supports more power. The elegant way is to do 802.3af or the newer (and more powerful) 802.3at. With these, the supply isn't actually turned on beyond a trickle until the device on the end confirms that it wants it and can take it - so no problems with forcing power into stuff that wasn't designed for it :eek: The downside is that 802.3af switches and injectors cost a little (but not that much nowadays) more than "dumb" ones - and the power limits are lower.

Oh, and the really crappy ones push 5V or 12V down the cable - so losses are even more critical.
Yes, anything that says "passive POE" will have out of spec voltages and won't comply to the standard at all.

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