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23 Nov 2005
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Nr Colchester, Essex
United Kingdom
My wife and I are thinking about moving from our rural location to a more central location in our local town so we are nearer buses etc.

We have seen a semi-detached bungalow that from a location point of view is ideal but one precondition of moving is that my wife has a second toilet or preferably en-suite (we have that at the moment).

The only way I can see we could do that would be to extend one of the bedroom to include an en-suite but I'm not sure if that would be practical given the position of the existing bathroom and kitchen or more importantly cost effective. The extension would need to be cut into the roof to give a pitch.

I am attaching a floor plan showing roughly what we would need (the rough lines are my attempt at showing the extension) and I wonder if anyone could give a general ball park figure for the extension and the plumbing that would be required to get waste and water to the en-suite.

I should mention that the asking price is around £270K and I would expect to get around £350K for our current property so would have some collateral but wouldn't like to use it all.

I appreciate that it's not possible to give any realistic price without seeing the property but just want to get a general idea as to whether it's something we could consider or whether we should look to find a more suitable property with perhaps a better layout and hence less building work. I think I might be right in saying that there is likely to be a limited supply of bungalows with a second bathroom.



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Are you thinking that bedroom 2 will be yours?

What type of sub floor does the utility room have?
Thanks, yes were thinking of extending bedroom 2 to give a room roughly the same as bedroom 1 plus the en-suite area this would be our preferred option although at a pinch my wife might just accept a second toilet if that's all that can be done. As for the floor don't know but assume it's concrete.

For info bedroom 1 is 4.14m x 3.18m and bedroom 2 is 3.2m x 3.15m.
Initial thoughts: Bedroom 3 looks a likely candidate for an ensuite/dressing room. But it's the only one with access to the conservatory.

Or second thoughts: Block off the end of the corridor, and put your ensuite between the bedroom and the existing bathroom.
By opening up the walls between the kitchen/lounge/hallway/bedroom 3, you could have a large kitchen/diner/living area with access to the conservatory.

If you still want three bedrooms you could always convert the garage.
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Thanks, yes bedroom 3 as it's called is the only access to the conservatory and is currently being used as a dining room so not strictly a bedroom.

Blocking off the end of the corridor (utility area) is a good suggestion but it doesn't look over wide. Also this would close off any access to the garden other than through bedroom 3. In addition bedroom 2 would probably still have to be enlarged as we have a 6 foot bed.

Not sure I am following your suggestion to "open up the walls between the kitchen/lounge/hallway/bedroom 3".

Converting the garage could be an option of last resort but I am no builder so at the end of the day I don't know what would be involved in extending the waste etc for any of these options and if these would be cost prohibitive.
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My thought was that if bedroom 2 is the room for the ensuite, then digging the outside area on the back through to the utility room would give you the drainage? Presumably that's where the bathroom and kitchen waste goes?

Shift bedroom 2's door along to the right and reverse the hinges so that it opens against the bed 3 wall, fit the ensuite in the top left corner of bed 2
From what you've sketched on that plan, it looks feasible and relatively easy as the existing drainage is near.

There are always macerators for awkward situations too.

You won't get any meaningful cost estimates on here, as alterations incur a lot of unknowns.

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