Is there such a thing as a 2gang switch AND dimmer?

27 May 2007
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South Glamorgan
United Kingdom
I want to use a dimmer on the 6A downlights and a normal switch for the central halogen 12v ceiling light as they are not compatible with a dimmer . Rather than wiring two separate switchplates I was wondering if there was a single plate 2 gang switch with a dimmer and a switch around anywhere? (ie one dimmer switch for the normal 6A lights and a standard switch or ideally a dimmer for the 12v ceiling light)

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if you use a gridswitch you can assemble pretty well anything inside it. But you may need a deeper or larger backbox as the dimmers are a bit big.

Grid dimmers are shockingly expensive. Be sure to buy a good brand like Crabtree, MEM or MK.

I think the "push on-off" "turn-dim" last better than the "turn-on-dim-bright" ones, but the more modern electronic ones are "push-on-dim-bright-dim-off" and may last even better.
Thanks John, so there's nothing that would fit into a standard light switch pattress box? Have never heard of the gridswitches before so will have to check them out.
You can get a switch module which fits in place of one of the dimmer modules on a standard 2 gang dimmer switch. This should be ok on a standard 25mm flush box. Probably not if the box is only 16mm though.

Personally I think using a grid switch is the more elegant soloution, but if you can't fit a deeper box, there's not much you can do.
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Unless there are loads of wires at the switch, you can normally get away with a 35mm box for a grid dimmer IIRC.
You may struggle even with a normal dimmer.
Can you change the box, if not you will have to go surface mount, or a white extension box.
Silly me, just realised that there's 12mm plasterboard around the box too so that will give a max clearance of 28mm. Looks like a standard twin dimmer and a switch module to replace one of them then. Thanks fellas. :D
It's an SELV max 80W output type. (there are 6 10W halogens in the fitting) so presumably the IQ range of LV dimmers and
Infra-red/Touch dimmers ?

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